My Adventure


5. 5sos

The boys laughed.

'Who are you running from?' Ashton asked.

'Oh,uhm' I tried to think of a excuse but I couldn't.

'These 2 men took me away from my home and brought me here. They put me in a room but I needed the toilet so I came out trying to find one,then I saw the men coming back so I just ran' I replied

'Well are you alright?' Michael asked

'Yeah I'm fine thank you' I replied

'So,where are you going now?' Luke asked

'I don't know really. I don't want to go home to my parents,but I don't have any money' I answered

'Hang on' Luke said,and got all of the boys into. huddle. I saw them all nod and agree.

'Ive spoke to the boys,you can come with us to Florida on our tour for a few weeks if you want?' He eventually said. My heart was beating so fast.

'Omg really? yes yes yes' I replied,jumping up and down. The boys laughed.

'Come on then,we'll have to go but you a ticket. How old are you?' Luke asked

'14' I replied

'And what's your name?' He said

'Hope' I answered,still amazed at what just happened.

'Thats a nice name' Calum said

'Haha,thank you,but I hate it' I said 'Its too girly'

'I think it's a lovely name' Luke said,and winked at me. I blushed.

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