New Experiences

Riley Leese has just got to University and it turns out her roommate, Abigail, and Abigail's step-brother, Skylar, are the best friends she could ever ask for. But, when the past comes back to haunt her will she face the facts or hide away.


3. Chapter Three

“What do you mean you’ve never been on a date?” We had gotten back from shopping and had decided to hang out in our dorm for a bit and somehow that had led to me telling them that I had never been on a date. “Have you even been in a relationship with someone?” Abigail was pestering me for answers instead of making fun of me like most people had.
“Yeah, but we were more like friends who used the terms boyfriend and girlfriend,” I explained.
“Aww, that’s so cute. You’re like a little girl in my eyes now and that won’t change until I get you a date with someone.” She started looking at her phone which I found kind of rude but Skylar leaned over to explain.
“She has a list of guys who are date possibilities and she’s trying to pick out the perfect one for you. When she was on the phone yesterday she was talking to the person whose house we went to since they used to have a thing. She never cheats on any guys but she does kind of play the field a bit.” He paused and looked at Abigail for a second. “There are a lot of guys on that list so this may take a while.”
“What if I don’t like the guy?” Abigail looked up at me and sat up straight.
“I may not be perfect when it comes to picking out clothes but when it comes to picking out dates my choices are on point one hundred percent.”
“She’s right, she match made like a million couples when we were in high school and they’re all still together. It’s just a shame that she hasn’t set me up with anyone.” Abigail rolled her eyes dramatically.
“Well, that’s because you’ve been dating that evil, vindictive bitch Heather for the last century!” I tried to hide a giggle but it obviously didn’t work because Skylar nudged me which caused me to burst out laughing. Abigail joined me in the laughing and Skylar just sat there sulking like a baby. When we finally settled down Abigail had a sinister grin on her face. “So…if I was to want to have a party would you let me have it at your place, Skylar? Your place is big enough for people to actually be and all so…”
“What about Riley? She doesn’t like partying, are you just going to leave her here to study or something?” Skylar was trying to stick up for me but I didn’t care about if Abigail partied or not.
“No, by party I meant it as more like a gathering of people with not so loud music and games. Also, no alcohol and there won’t be that much people there anyway. Please come, Riley,” She pleaded and gave me puppy dog eyes. I glanced at Skylar who shrugged at me.
“Are you going to be there?” I whispered to Skylar, I would prefer if I knew at least two people at this party so it didn’t seem like I was just following one along.
“Of course, I’m not leaving Abigail at my place.” I sighed and shook my head in disbelief that I was actually doing this.
“Okay, I’ll go but I don’t want to be left alone again and that means that you’re not to get wasted,” I said, pointing at Abigail.
“I promise,” She said, putting one hand on her heart and raising the other one up. “If I do then you have permission to throw water in my face on multiple occasions and make loud noises when I’m hung over.”
“Can I do that too?” Skylar asked and Abigail hit him over the head. I was feeling like this was a real friendship between the three of us and I liked it. It wasn’t like any other friendship I ever had. This one felt real.

That night while Abigail was asleep I got out of bed and sat at my desk. I hoped that Abigail was a heavy sleeper as I turned on my desk light and got out a couple of sheets of paper. I needed to start writing my story and I finally found somewhere to start. I put pen to paper and suddenly I was writing for what seemed like minutes but when I stopped because of a hand cramp I saw that I had written a few pages.
“What are you doing up?” I turned around startled at her voice. She was sitting up and rubbing her eyes. “What time is it?” I checked the clock.
“It’s 3:15, you should go back to bed.” She scoffed.
“You should’ve gone to bed, how long have you been up?” I shrugged and wrapped my arms around myself realising how cold it was. “Get to bed, Riley.” I turned off my light and made my way over to my bed and covered myself with my duvet. As soon as my head hit the pillow I fell fast asleep.
“Riley, wake up.” I pulled the cover over my head and groaned. “You’re going to be late for class.” I sat up and jumped out of bed.
“I can’t be late, I can’t be late.” I stumbled to my wardrobe and pulled out some easy to put on clothes, got into the bathroom and got changed as fast as I could. I came out of the bathroom hopping on one foot trying to put on my sock.
“She over slept?” Skylar was here but I didn’t have time to talk to him.
“Yep, she was up at 3 doing God knows what.” I almost fell over trying to pick up my shoes. “See you later Riley.”
“Bye Abigail, bye Skylar.” I opened the door and finally managed to put my shoes on. I started running towards the lifts but I saw loads of people waiting probably to get to their classes. I avoided going that way and ran towards the stairs, I was going to be out of breath by the time I got to class.
“Oh my gosh, Riley?” I stopped in my steps and looked up. It was her.

“I’m here with Cathy, she’s dating Michael and she wants us to get along but she’s just got her tongue down his throat so I don’t really know how I’m supposed to bond with him.” Only now had I taken a sip from my drink and the taste of it burned through my throat.
“I think I’ve got a way,” Andrew said, leaning towards me and snaking his arm around my waist. “Have you ever kissed a girl?”
“Excuse me?” I said, pushing him away in disgust. “You clearly just want some entertainment.”
“Maybe but it would be entertaining for you too, you would be making out with your best friend’s boyfriend and your best friend. Think of the thrill,” He whispered into my ear. I didn’t know what to do so I thought about what Cathy would do.
“If Cathy says yes then I’ll do it.” He smiled and pulled me towards the sofa that Cathy and Michael were making out on.
“Hey Michael, if your girlfriend agrees then we get to see some girl on girl action with this one.” Michael detached himself from Cathy and looked me up and down smiling like a Cheshire Cat.
“Cathy, you up for getting your friend in on the action?” Cathy looked up at me and back at Michael who looked so hopeful for this.
“Yeah, why not? Come on Riley,” She said and pulled me down to the sofa. “You ready for this, Riley?” I nodded and she leaned towards me, placing her lips on mine and pulling me closer to her. I heard wolf whistles in the background and I started to feel limp so I kind of leaned closer to Cathy by accident. She took this as a signal to kiss me more passionately and I felt like I wasn’t inside my body anymore. I wasn’t in control of what was happening.

“Cathy, what are you doing here?” I asked quietly. She looked so happy to see me and I didn’t know why. I hadn’t really been her friend ever since that party and she didn’t seem to get that.
“I’m moving into this dorm building, a girl requested that I moved for some reason. How have you been?” She asked, smiling at me in a condescending way.
“I’m fine,” I snapped and rushed past her. I heard her calling my name but I couldn’t afford to look back and talk to her. She didn’t deserve my attention, she left me on that night for her boyfriend and I could never forgive her for that. I got to my class and saw that the door was closed meaning I would be marked late but I didn’t care, I pushed open the door and walked in with everyone watching my every move. I sat in my seat and saw Mr Crange looking at me for a second and then he went back to teaching. I wasn’t really paying attention to anything that he was saying because all that was in my mind was Cathy. I was thinking back to that night and I felt sick to my stomach at the thought of Cathy abandoning me all over again. I didn’t even notice people starting to get up and leave so I tried to hurry up and get my things together so I could leave before Mr Crange had any time to stop me.
“Riley, why were you late? I never expected you to be late for my class, it’s very unusual.” I shrugged and started walking towards the exit. “Riley, you know you can talk to me about anything.” I stopped and turned around to face him.
“I was late because I overslept.”
“Did you have a late night? You look kind of tired.” I raised my hand to my face suddenly feeling self-conscious. “You really need to get some sleep, maybe you should go back to your dorm and rest until your next lecture.”
“Thanks for the advice sir,” I said and turned to leave.
“I don’t want you being late again.” I ignored this last comment and walked out of the door. I hated what happened in the past. I hated that Cathy was at my University and bringing up old memories. I hated my life.

“How was class?” Abigail and I were at the coffee shop that Skylar worked at for lunch and it was a bit crowded and loud so Skylar didn’t have time to stop and talk to us.
“I was late and Mr Crange told me I needed more sleep.” Abigail nodded in agreement.
“You do, how come you were up so late? You should’ve been asleep.”
“I just wasn’t tired,” I muttered and put my mug of hot chocolate to my lips. Abigail raised her eyebrows at me but didn’t say anything about it.
“So, the party that I’m planning is going to be in two days on Saturday. There’s going to be spin the bottle, truth or dare, dancing, it’s going to be amazing.”
“Riley!” It was Cathy, she was here. I didn’t want Abigail to find out who she was and for Cathy to ruin my new friendship. “Riley, you just ran away from me on the stairs.” Cathy was standing by our table now and Abigail looked at me questionably.
“I had a class that I had to go to,” I replied and Cathy nodded and turned to Abigail. I pleaded to myself that she wouldn’t talk to her or tell her anything.
“Hi, I’m Cathy, Riley’s best friend.” We hadn’t spoken for a long time she was no longer my best friend and I didn’t like her at all.
“Well, I’m Abigail and I’m Riley’s roommate.”
“Oh, that’s right. I was going to go see who Riley’s roommate was so I could ask them if I can swap with them. I just miss my Riley so much and sharing a dorm with her would just make me feel so much better.” Her smile was wide and she was trying to be persuasive but Abigail was having none of it.
“Sorry but I enjoy sharing a dorm with MY best friend.” She sipped her drink and Cathy turned to me, expecting me to defend her or something.
“Bye Cathy,” I said and waved. Cathy opened her mouth to say something but closed it and rushed away. As soon as she left Abigail and I burst out laughing.
“I just miss Riley so much!” Abigail said, trying to impersonate Cathy. “How are you friends with that girl? Her smile was nauseating.”
“I used to be friends with her we haven’t spoken in a long time.” We continued to talk about Cathy and her annoying behaviour until the place started to empty out.
“Okay, let’s go see if Skylar is ready to go,” Abigail said and got up, picking up her jacket. She turned to look at Skylar and her mouth dropped open. “Oh. My. God.” I looked at where she was staring and saw Skylar and Cathy talking, it looked like they were flirting. Cathy was leaning in close to him and laughing at everything he was saying.
“What the hell?” We walked to Skylar and Cathy and coughed loudly to get their attention.
“Oh, hey Abigail, hey Riley. This is Cathy she’s-“
“Yeah, we know who she is,” Abigail interrupted Skylar and glared at Cathy who was smiling sweetly.
“Riley and I go way back, we’re best friends and always will be.” Abigail folded her arms across her chest and rolled her eyes dramatically.
“We actually haven’t spoken in a long time,” I said and Cathy laughed at me.
“Don’t be silly, babe, we speak all the time,” She was saying this more to Skylar than to me. “Anyway, Skylar, would you be interested in going out for dinner tonight? I want to know where the good places to eat are, I usually just go to the cafeteria alone.”
“Sorry, Skylar can’t go with you because you’re a Heather.”
“A…Heather?” Cathy asked, completely confused about why she was being called Heather. “What’s a Heather?”
“A Heather is an evil self-obsessed, flirtatious bitch and I’m not letting Skylar go through all that again,” Abigail said plainly. “Come on, Skylar, let’s go.” Skylar didn’t know who to go with and kept looking back between Abigail and me or Cathy.
“You know you want to come with me Skylar.” Skylar’s face went red when Cathy said this and I felt my stomach drop, I wasn’t going to let Skylar be reeled into her life.
“Cathy, please leave Skylar alone,” I said and all three of them turned to me. Abigail was smiling, Cathy was scowling and Skylar just looked shocked. “I know you like to get into relationships quickly but Skylar isn’t that sort of person and Abigail cares about him a lot more than you do.”
“Thank you Riley,” Abigail said and nudged me playfully causing the corner of my mouth to tug up for a second. I almost smiled until I saw Cathy’s face. It was full of hatred and anger.
“Yeah, but she can’t give him sex.” I thought I was going to faint when she said this, I wanted to curl up into a ball and disappear. Cathy’s love life was not about love it was always about lust and she tempted guys with this and they always, every single time, fell for it.
“I’m going to go with Abigail and Riley,” Skylar said awkwardly and walked around to us, basically shoving us out of the door with Abigail exploding with laughter.
“I thought you’d definitely go with her after she said that, why didn’t you?” I asked and he shrugged, clearly uncomfortable.
“He’s a virgin and not interested in sex until he knows that he’s in love.” Abigail did the making herself sick mime. “She tried and failed. I’m so glad that you didn’t go with that whore, she would’ve had like seven guys all at once.”
“Let’s just forget about what happened and go back to your dorm,” Skylar said and put his arms around both of us. “And stop telling people that I’m a virgin, Abigail.” 

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