New Experiences

Riley Leese has just got to University and it turns out her roommate, Abigail, and Abigail's step-brother, Skylar, are the best friends she could ever ask for. But, when the past comes back to haunt her will she face the facts or hide away.


5. Chapter Five

I don’t know when I fell asleep but when all I knew was it was the best night’s sleep I had gotten for a long time and when I woke up I felt someone’s arms around me. I rolled slightly to see that it was Skylar, we must have fallen asleep after the pizza and watching School of Rock and then Mulan which included us singing along to all the songs especially I’ll Make a Man Out of You where we re-winded the movie to sing it over and over again.
I looked around the room and saw that Abigail wasn’t there, she probably stayed at Skylar’s place for that night and then all the memories from yesterday came flooding back. Cathy. Andrew. Skylar beating up Andrew.
I pushed Skylar’s arms off of me and got out of bed trying to be careful not to wake him. I was still wearing my clothes from yesterday and I didn’t really feel like changing anyway. I decided to go get some breakfast but I wanted to make sure that Skylar knew where I was going. I got out a pen and paper and wrote that I was going to get some food. I left and bumped into Abigail straight away. She looked like she was taking the walk of shame.
“Abigail, where were you?” Her eyes shifted rapidly. “I get it, you don’t have to tell me who it was.” She sighed and shook her head in shame.
“Why are you still wearing your clothes from yesterday?” She asked me and I looked down at myself, was it really that obvious?
“I guess Skylar and I just fell asleep, I couldn’t really be bothered to get changed anyway.”
“You and Skylar slept together?!”
“No, we didn’t, we just fell asleep in the same room. Nothing else happened,” I assured her but she seemed still quite suspicious. “Nothing happened.”
“Okay, okay, I believe you.”
“Wanna go get breakfast?” I asked her.
“Yeah, let me just get changed. I’ll be out in a minute.” She went inside and I stood by the door, waiting for her to emerge. But, when the door opened it wasn’t Abigail who came out. It was Skylar.
“Oh, hi Riley,” He said and waved slightly and awkwardly. “Abigail just woke me up, are you going to get breakfast?”
“Yeah, I’m just waiting for Abigail,” I replied and he nodded without looking at me. “So, are you going to join us or do you have work or something?”
“I have time to go with you but it’ll have to be quick.” Then the door opened and Abigail practically flew out of the dorm.
“Come on losers, let’s get some food!” She yelled and started running down the hall, Skylar and I rolled our eyes at her but we followed slowly.

The cafeteria was basically empty when we arrived there apart from a few professors so we had a load of tables to choose from. Abigail was obviously the leader throughout all of this and was already leading us to where she wanted to sit.
“Riley, can I speak to you for a minute?” It was Mr Crange. Abigail gave me the thumbs up and Skylar pushed her away so she wouldn’t make a sexual comment or something.
“Uh, sure,” I said and walked towards him, the teachers who were talking to him soon disappeared and he smiled at me.
“How are you getting on with your assignment?” He asked and I shrugged slightly. I didn’t know what to say, I had been writing about the few experiences that I had had but I didn’t know how to write about real life. “You can always get help, from your friends over there.” I looked at Abigail and Skylar who were laughing with each other and I couldn’t help but think that they would be better off without me. They looked so happy and I just brought so many worries into their lives, they didn’t deserve that kind of trouble.  “Or you can give up. I would be very disappointed but if you’re finding it too hard then you don’t have to continue.”
“No, it’s fine I just need to write more often I think. I’ve been preoccupied lately so I haven’t really had the time, uh, I have to get back to my friends so…I’ll see you in class. Bye.” I quickly walked to where Abigail and Skylar were sitting without giving him a chance to say anything else. They hadn’t got any of food yet they were probably waiting for me.
“So, what did that hunk say? How did you even concentrate? I would’ve been staring at his hot bod the whole time.” I rolled my eyes at her.
“He was just asking about how I was coping with his English class, apparently I’m a good student,” I said with a bit of pride. I must’ve been a good student for him to give me the extra assignment so I wasn’t really lying. I didn’t even know why I wasn’t telling them about it, it was just writing. Maybe it was because I was writing about them and I felt guilty about it.
“Of course you are,” Skylar said and stood up. “Enough of this talk, let’s go get some food which is why we came here in the first place in case you can’t remember.” We slugged over to get some food which included an apple for me, cornflakes for Skylar and a full English breakfast for Abigail. I was astonished that she could eat all that when I could tell that she had obviously been drinking the night before. Maybe it was good for a hang-over, I didn’t really know any of the remedies seeing as I didn’t drink anymore.
“Abigail, is there something you’d like to tell us about what happened yesterday?” She gave me the evil eyes as soon as I said that. “Did you drink alcohol?” I asked which made her sigh with relief. I wouldn’t talk about her love life to her brother even if he was her basically best friend.
“Oh, yeah, sorry. Someone had some and I just wanted to let loose a bit and then I went overboard, it only happens when there’s a party though.” She thought that this was a good excuse but it really wasn’t. Skylar shook his head in shame but it looked like he wanted to say something even though he stayed silent.
“What is it, Skylar? I know you’re dying to say something,” Abigail said, emphasising the dying part.
“Well…I just thought that you should stop partying if you’re going to get wasted all the time, you know I worry about you and getting drunk all the time doesn’t help that.” At this point I saw Abigail’s face contort as she pushed her plate away and stood up.
“I’m going to get some rest to get rid of my hang over, and then I won’t get you into any trouble.” She glared at Skylar for a second before walking away from us. He was very tense as she left and I didn’t want to intrude in their family fights but I needed to say something to him to make him feel better about what he just said because technically she did ask him to say it.
“You know it was okay to say that, she needed to hear that from someone at some point and it’s good that it was from you,” I said and he didn’t say anything in reply. I didn’t know whether I should stay there or leave because it was just ridiculously awkward at that moment. I sighed and stood up to throw my apple core away. I went over to the bin and when I turned back Skylar was gone.

I spent the rest of the day in the library trying to type up my story on the compute but I just couldn’t stop thinking about Skylar and Abigail and how they both left me but I guess that they just had other things to do rather than hanging out with me. When I started thinking about this I began furiously typing as the thoughts about them just flowed out until I was all burned out. I saved the work I had done and realised I had finished at least two chapters. I logged out of the computer and checked the time by looking at the clock on the wall of the library which read 3:20. I had spent most of the day there and hadn’t even eaten lunch. I left the library and walked towards the dorms even though I was worried about what was going to happen when I got there. I didn’t know whether Skylar and Abigail were still going to be mad at each other and leave me in the middle of it. I walked up to the floor that my dorm was on and had to stop when someone came rushing my way without looking at where there were going which meant they soon came crashing into me. I fell straight to the ground and they almost fell on top of me but they managed to keep their balance.
“I’m so sorry!” They said and started trying to help me up from the floor. “I just needed to meet my girlfriend before she decides to break up with me as she keeps threatening. I shouldn’t be telling you this but I’m just flabbergasted and I need to get to her right now so bye person I just bumped into by complete accident.” As soon as they got me on my feet they hurried off just as fast as they arrived and left me in confusion. I brushed myself off and carried on to my dorm. As soon as I got outside I heard shouting that seemed to be coming from a female and a male that I assumed to be Skylar and Abigail. I sighed and opened the door which made the shouting even louder and more deafening. I closed the door quickly so we didn’t disturb the neighbours.
“You have no right to tell me how to live my life, Skylar! You’re my STEP-brother not even my real brother!” Abigail yelled. Her and Skylar were standing in the middle of the room inches from each other, pointing and pushing.
“I’m trying to look out for you! What happens when you have too much to drink and some sleazy guy takes advantage of you?!”
“I’m always in control of the situation!”
“But, what if you’re not?!”
“Then you should stay with me instead of going off with Riley because you have a stupid little crush on her!” At this point she was almost in tears she was really pouring her heart out. “I’ve always been there for you even when you were dating Heather when I warned you that she was bad news and you just leave me for some girl that’s probably just like Heather!”
“Is that what you really think about me, Abigail?” I finally spoke up because I had had enough of this. They both turned to me and Abigail was bright red and trying to find something to say but couldn’t come up with anything. “I never meant to steal Skylar away from you but I just wanted to be your friends because the only friend I ever had was Cathy and we all know that that would never work out. I guess that this isn’t working out either then.” I dived out of the dorm before they could say anything and felt tears forming in my eyes. I was now running down the hall and down the stairs until I felt the cool air on my skin and I just cried my eyes out.
“Wanna talk about it?” I looked up and saw the guy who had ran into me mere minutes ago. He looked quite down as well so I assumed things didn’t go well with his girlfriend.
“Do you?” I replied and he laughed.
“No, we can just chill in each other’s company if you want and talk about anything but our problems.” I wiped my eyes and actually smiled at him trying to cheer me up.
“Yeah, sure.” We just stood there in silence for what felt like forever until he finally decided to speak up.
“So, what’s your name?” He asked.
“Riley, yours?”
“Neil. Wait, you’re Riley? As in the one who hangs out with Abigail and Skylar?” He asked and I shivered at the sound of their names.
“Yeah, that one. How do you know about me and who I hang out with?” He shrugged and looked away. “Neil, how do you know about me and who I hang out with?”
“Well…my girlfriend used to date Skylar so she was kind of obsessed with finding out about who he was hanging out with and who he might’ve been dating. She just was living in the past and that’s probably why she dumped me, to get him back,” He said and shook his head. “I thought we weren’t talking about our problems but I just did so that’s out the window.”
“Wait, wait, wait. Is your girlfriend’s name Heather?”
“Ex-girlfriend and yes…why did Skylar mention her?”
“Sort of…he kind of said she was a liar and a bitch so that is mentioning her but not in a nice way,” I said and he nodded.
“She is both of those things. She said that she was over Skylar and I’m pretty sure that she was sleeping around because I wouldn’t do anything with her, I’m not a virgin or anything I just didn’t want to get with someone I didn’t particularly like. I should’ve broken up with her a lot earlier but I’m a nerd and no one really goes for the nerd.” I would feel sorry for him if I didn’t relate so much to what he just said, I knew how he felt and I knew how terrible it was.
“Fuck everyone,” I said and he laughed in a fond way.
“Yeah, fuck everyone.”

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