Hemmings My Love

5sos meet up with Montana and Gabrielle, Luke falls for Montana but Montana has done bad things in her life and doesn't want to hurt Luke- she can't decide whether to go with Luke or not- either way Luke is gonna try to get with her any way that he can.


9. News


"Luke's POV"

I went inside the school hoping that I could apologize for what happened with Montana but it was the third day that she wasn't at school. I ran up behind Gabrielle,"Where is Montana? Is she at school today? Why has she been gone all week?" "My guess is because you hurt her- she really liked you but you yelled at her I can't even imagine what she is going through." The bell rang and I went to my first class- I immediately got my phone out and sent Montana the 78th message asking why she wasn't at school. I got a text back from Montana saying, "I'm not gonna be at school for a while and i don't know when I will be back just please don't text me anymore." It was the last class of the day and I showed Gabrielle what she sent me so we all decided that we would drive by her house and see if she was okay or not. Gabrielle went and knocked on the door her mom answered and Gabrielle said,"We were all wondering if Montana was okay and why she hasn't been at school." Montana's mom looked at her and put a frown on her face but said,"I'm surprised she hadn't told you since your her best friend- I found her in her room; blood everywhere along with pills, her wrist and legs were completely split and she took a lot of pills trying to kill herself but thank god I got in her room before she did, all she told me that happened was that she got attacked by a cat but I didn't believe her and after that she stopped talking to me and I don't know when she is gonna be back but she is at an all girls hospital." Gabrielle told her thank you and as she shut the door, Gabrielle got back in the car and told us what happened. Tears started rolling down my face as I said,"T-t-this is all m-m-my fault, I don't know why I yelled at her I had no right to do it and now she tried to kill herself, I just want to go up to her and kiss her so much, we got into a fight because I told her I liked her but she told me I flirt to much and I yelled at her to stay out of my life and now this happened, I feel so bad, I don't know what to do I just wish she was here with us right now." We all rode the rest of the way in silence and when we all got back into Michaels house everyone went to sleep except for me, I couldn't stop thinking that I caused Montana to try and kill herself.

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