Hemmings My Love

5sos meet up with Montana and Gabrielle, Luke falls for Montana but Montana has done bad things in her life and doesn't want to hurt Luke- she can't decide whether to go with Luke or not- either way Luke is gonna try to get with her any way that he can.


3. Michaels Girl

I looked at Gabrielle and then I said, "yes, we would love to stay with you guys!" We all got back onto the tour bus and sat on the couch and just talked about each other the rest of the time. We got to a hotel and we got our own rooms; Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Michael all got one room together, while me and Gabrielle got our own room together. As I was about to walk into our room I got a tug on my shoulder so I turned around and saw Luke. "Hey, I'll text u later tonight when the guys are asleep and we can meet in the hallway, I need to talk to you about something." Luke said. I nodded my head then went into our room. Later that night my phone went off at about 2:30 a.m. I looked and it was a text from Luke saying that the guys were asleep- Gabrielle still wasn't asleep so I told her I was gonna go get some snacks from the vending machine. I closed the door and Luke was standing there waiting, as soon as he seen me he took my hand and we went outside to take a walk. He said to me, "So I brought you out here because I wanted to talk to you about something kind of private that you can't tell anyone- not even Gabrielle." I looked at the ground for a moment then looked back up into his sparkling blue eyes and said, "Ok what is it?" "Well the other day I was talking to Michael and he told me he kind of thinks Gabrielle is cute, but today when he seen her he was flipping out because apparently he likes her ALOT now." Luke said while smiling. "What do you want me to do about it?" I asked. "Well maybe you can find out if Gabrielle likes Michael or not an then tell me sometime when we are alone." Luke asked while blushing. I just looked at his dimples for a while then I finally decided to say, "I'll try to find out sometime then I will tell you when I do, but can we go back inside I'm getting really chilly and I'm kind of tired?" We made it back to our hotel rooms and went to bed. There was a lot of loud banging on the door so I went to check it out, it was all of the boys telling us that we slept past 12:00 and we we're suppose to be going somewhere at 12. We got dressed, and got back on the tour bus on our way to Missouri. I took Gabrielle somewhere where none of the boys could hear or see us and I asked her,"So, I've seen the way you've been looking at Michael, do you like him now in a boyfriend way or what? And it's fine I won't tell anybody- you can trust me." Her cheeks started getting red and she shook her head yes. I ran up to the boys who were sitting on the couch then I sat next to Calum, and when Gabrielle came in she went and sat down next to Michael. Luke got out of the bathroom and he came and sat next to me, then he whispered into my ear and asked,"Did you ask? Does she like him? What's going on?" I just looked at him and rolled my eyes, "One question at a time please. Yes, I did ask, and yes she does like him, so what do we do now?" Luke smiled really big feeling happy for Michael and then he told me, "We have to set them up together!" I walked up to Gabrielle and told her that Michael likes her, and surprisingly she believed me and after that Michael took Gabrielle outside to talk to her in private.

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