Hemmings My Love

5sos meet up with Montana and Gabrielle, Luke falls for Montana but Montana has done bad things in her life and doesn't want to hurt Luke- she can't decide whether to go with Luke or not- either way Luke is gonna try to get with her any way that he can.


2. Inside

*Skip to getting on the tour bus*

"I can't believe were getting on 5sos's tour bus!" I said. "I know but what are we suppose to be doing, I don't want to stand here looking like a couple of idiots which we are?" Gabrielle asked. Then I turned to my side towards the couch as I watched Luke motioning us forward to come sit by him. We walk over there casually, trying not to fangirl in front of them so they dont think were crazy. We all made an agreement to answer each other's questions that we had. When we were done playing question tag; I could feel Luke watching me and I couldn't resist the urge to look at his beautiful face so when I looked he just got shy and bit his lip ring then smirked at me and looked away.

*skip to target*

"We can't just stay with them and not show them what we really are and what we do, and if they dont like it then they can stay away from us!" Gabrielle said. I blurted "What do we exactly do then?" "We like to make farting noises right behind random strangers, remember? It's our thing and it's what we love most in the world and if they don't like us with that then that's gonna be there loss!" Gabrielle said excitedly. I ran up to some random old guy while the boys were watching and I did a really loud farting sound and before the old man could even turn around the boys were laughing so hard. It made me smile to know that they thought it was funny how we did too. Next, Gabrielle ran up to a little 4 year old girl and farted and when the girls mom looked at Gabrielle she just said excuse me, I have been having really bad gas lately an I can't control it. All of the boys including me were laughing really hard the we almost starting crying. We finally got back outside to the tour bus and before we could get back on to go home- every boy was standing blocking our way but then Calum finally looked into our eyes and said, "Would you guys like to come on the rest of the tour with us? I know we haven't known each other for a while, but you guys are the best fans we have ever met and were really glad that we got to spend time with you and see how great you are, we all talked about it and we all would love to have you with us, so?

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