Hemmings My Love

5sos meet up with Montana and Gabrielle, Luke falls for Montana but Montana has done bad things in her life and doesn't want to hurt Luke- she can't decide whether to go with Luke or not- either way Luke is gonna try to get with her any way that he can.


4. Cuts

*skip to after tour is over*

"Montana's POV"

The tour was finally over and we were back at Michaels house- I was in the guest room while Gabrielle was sleeping in Michael's room with Michael. I rolled out of bed and went to the kitchen and found Calum with no shirt on! I tried not to drool well looking at him but I couldn't help it; then he turned around and said to me," good morning beautiful." I just blushed and said, "Whatever, where is Gabrielle and Michael." "Probably making out, or having sex." Calum said while laughing. He made me kind of giggle too. Luke walked into the room-Calum walked out of the room and Luke just stood there starring at me like I did something wrong. I looked back at him an asked, "Why r u looking at me like that, did I do something wrong?" He just walked up to me and pointed at my wrist-I could tell he was about to cry. "What is this? And why did you do it? Don't lie to me!" Luke said. "Ok look I have a very stressful life, no one knows what I have been through; so yeah I cut myself a couple of times, but I also have depression so I can't control it- please don't hate me- I'm not crazy or anything I just have hard times." I said while starting to cry. He came over to me and gave me a hug- and then he kissed my cheek, wiped the tears out from under my eyes, and looked me deep in the eyes and said, "I'm not gonna judge you, I don't know what you've been through and I'm sorry for all of the pain that has caused you to cut yourself, but I care about you way too much to be letting you do this to yourself, so please try not to do it again for my sake because I like you a lot." A million different thoughts were going through my head when Luke said that to me- I didn't know if he meant he likes me a lot like a girlfriend or he just likes me as a friend- I was hoping it was the first one, but then I got sad because I knew Luke liking me as a girlfriend was too good to be true so I stopped thinking about it like that. "I won't tell anyone about this, but I want you to know your perfect the way you are, even with the scars on your arm." Luke said while our hands intertwined.

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