But He Likes Boys

Emily Smits pretends to be Luke Hemmings girlfriend so no one will find out he has a boyfriend. On tour she meets a guy, Conner, who she falls in love with. But when Conner finds out about Luke and Emilys fake relationship and thinks it's real, Luke and Emily both put their relationships at risks.


1. Pilot

The DJ looks straight into my eyes while speaking to me. 'When did you two meet?' I pretend to be very shy, sheltering behind Lukes strong back. 'In Holland. When he was there for the Where We Are tour. I worked for the Amsterdam Arena and had to show the guys from 5sos around.' The DJ kept staring at me while I said that. Like he was looking for a small clue, for something that could proof that I was lying. But I have read the made up facts so many times, even I almost think it's the truth.
'Since you were in Holland? That's quite some time ago isn't it? So tell me Luke, why didn't you told us about your beautiful girlfriend before?' Finally, he is done with me. Ever since we've got here people have been asking questions. About me, about Luke and about our relationship. This is my first time at a radiostation and I haven't even got the chance to look around. From the corner of my eye I see Hannah, my P.A. She flew with me from Holland to the USA and has to keep me up to date about the band. When I catch her eye she nodds at me. I guess that means I'm doing okay.
'Well Luke, Emily, it was a pleasure to have you guys on the show tonight. And I wish you guys all the luck in the world with your relationship.' 'Thank you for having us.' I hear Luke say. I feel his hand taking mine. 'Yeah, thank you.' I say. And then the interview is over.
'That was great guys, really. Emily, I can't believe this was your first interview. You did amazing!' I try to smile but it's hard. This interview makes it all official. I can't go back now. I will have to miss my mum and my friends for four weeks. And I need to be Luke Hemmings' girlfriend for at least 6 months.
'I also meant what I said. I truly hope that the fans won't give you a hard time Emily. Good luck to both of you.' Then some guy calls him away. So it's just me, Luke and some people who work at the station left. 'You okay?' Luke asks me.
'I'm fine. Let's go.' I take his hand in mine and pull him to the elevator. When the doors close I let go of his hand. I can't talk to him. I can't even look him in the eyes. He seems to notice that I don't feel comfortable. 'You know, we haven't been introduced yet... Properly. Hi, I'm Luke Hemmings. 18 years old, from Sydney. And I have a boyfriend, Darel.' He pulls out his hand and I shake it. 'Hi Luke, I'm Emily. I'm 17, from Amsterdam. And I'm single. Or you should call our fake relationship a relationship, then I have a boyfriend, Luke.'
He laughs and let go of my hand. 'So why did you took the job, Emily from Amsterdam?' I shrug, even though I know exactly why I took the job.
My dad died in a car accident when I was seven years old. My mum is very sick and can't work. We get some money from the coverment, but it's not enough to feed me, my mum, my sister and my two brothers. So I've been working ever since. Every day after school, I work in a restaurant. The owner of the restaurant knew my father and always gives me a little extra at the end of the month. Also, when I'm working he gives me dinner.
Every saterday I work as an actress. Most of the time just in the background, but I have a lot of experients. I guess that's why they've asked me to do this job. And if I do it right, they'll give me three million euros after only five weeks of pretending to be Lukes girlfriend (so no one will find out he has a boyfriend). Three million! Our lives will change forever!
'Take my hand.' I take his hand just in time before the doors open and we stand in front of at least 100 camera's. Luke pulls me towards a car, ignoring all the people who want to ask us stuff about almost everything. When is my birthday, who are my best friends and they even ask where my skinny jeans are from. Luke opens the car door for me. 'So, here we go our seperate ways.' I step in and want to close the door, but something is stopping it from closing.
'You weren't planning on leaving without saying goodbye, were you.' He looks at me with his sparkeling eyes and I'm sure that a lot of girls would die to take my place right now. 'Ofcourse I wasn't.' I'm not sure what to do now. I never had a boyfriend. Except if you count the fat boy I went to prom with last year. He had an awefull pimple on his chin (at least he said it was a pimple, but I was sure he had it for over a year already), smellt like he had took a bath made of rotten eggs and properly only asked me cause no senior wanted to go with him. But apart from him I never dated someone. Maybe if I had tried I would have found someone, but I just wasn't interested in boys. I had to work to keep my family alive. Nothing else mattered to me.
Luke moves very close to me. For a second I'm afraid he's going to kiss me. But he only gives me a little kiss on the cheek. 'I'll see you after the meeting.'
'Have fun!' I say as he closes the door. I can see him waving at me through the rear mirror. I don't even take the time to wave back. I hate him. With every piece of me, I hate him. I can't believe he is afraid to show people who he really is. Beside that, I don't want to get close to him or get to know him well. After nine months we'll have to "break up" and after that I'll never see him again.
The car stops at my hotel. The press is not allowed to come any were near our hotel so it's the only place I can see Luke without haven to play happy family with him. Ofcourse I could have stayed with my family since we still are in Holland. But I didn't want to show my family to the press. Management understood that and the good thing was they didn't even had to lie about it. Everyone understands that. I thank the man who drove me and walk inside my hotel. It's the most fancy hotel I've ever seen. Everything in it is made of gold. At least I think it's real gold, I'm not sure. My hotelroom is what I imagine a honeymoon suite is like. It's huge and white. With an bathroom bigger than my living room and kitchen together at home. The bed has a heart shape and the food... You can order whatever you like whenever you like.
I take the elevator to the third floor and try to find room 311. Infront of me is 304, so it must be on the other side. I walk away from the elevator and walk past the rooms. I was told they are all different designed.
I arrive at room 311 and decide to take a shower. I like taking showers. At home I only take a shower once a day, to save money. But here I can shower whenever I want.
I open the bathroom door and let my eyes take a couple of minutes to take it all in. I've never seen a bathroom with so much beauty. My eyes spot the big hot tube in the corner. I could also just take a bath...
I fill the hot tube with hot water and order some in chocolate covered strawberries. On the edge of the bath are a couple bottles with soap and I smell all of them. Lavender, mint, some smell I don't reconise and my favorite, roses. I put in the last one and take my seat in the hot white bubbles. I close my eyes and just enjoy the moment. But then someone decites to knock on my door.
It's a struggle to get out of the warm water but the person at the door just doesn't stop knocking. I put on a warm bathrobe I find in one of the closets and open the door. 'Luke? Aren't you supposed to be at soundcheck?' I can see his eyes going down from my face. I'm only wearing the bathrobe and I feel a bit naked. I try to pull the robe around me a bit more.
'It turns out they did something wrong. So we have to do the soundcheck wednesday.' Gladly he just looks me in the eyes right now and keeps his eyes of the rest of my body. 'Paul said I had to take you to room 104, for a meeting.' Great, another meeting with that freak. Paul is 5 Seconds of Summer (Lukes band) tour manager. He wears t-shirt, jeans and sneakers like he's a teenager while he's at least fifty. He has a quiff in his grey hair. And even his wife should have noticed he's definitly not into woman. The first time I met him he said I would probebly be a bit more beautiful if I did plastic surgery. So I think everyone would understand if I say that I don't like him.
'I'll be there in a minute.' Great, there goes my bathing time. I've left my clothing from today on the bed and just put those on.
The elevators are empty. I guess I'll be the last one in but actually I don't really care. Which room was it again? I walk past all the room on the right side, then on the left. 104, it was 104 right?
I knock on the door and some guy with purple hair opens it. 'Emily! Nice of you to join us.' It's Michael, Lukes bandmate. 'Come in.' The room is just as big as mine, but all the furniture has been moved to the side. In the middle stands a big round table and there are at least 20 people sitting around us.
'Ah, there she is.' Paul walks up to me and gives me three air kisses. 'Well we are almost done, but now you're here we can go through the last things. Sit down.' I take a seat between Ashton and Calum (Lukes other band mates). I've never seen them before but it's the only seat left.
'So the last thing I wanted to talk about was Emily, and ofcouse Luke and Darel. The people who are sitting in this room right now, and only these people, know about Darel and Luke and everyone else simply doesn't. The press is not allowed to come anywhere near your hotel no matter where you are and the people who work at the hotel are not allowed to say anything about what happens inside so you don't have to pretend in here. What else, uhm. Oh right, America.'
His eyes shine when he says the word. He must be really looking forward to his big tour in America.
'We arrive this sunday and we will have some rest days to discover the town. On wednesday, friday, saturday and monday we have some performances in L.A. itself. Ofcourse we have intervieuws and stuff, you can all check that on the scheme. The next two weeks we've got some performances not far away from L.A. But we'll stay at the same hotel all that time. The next week, it's Christmas week! I've got amazing plans for this Christmas! We'll stay in L.A. and you guys are free to do whatever you like. But you do have to do one performance the morning before Christmas eve. Your parents will fly over and it will be AMAZING. And the week after that Emily will fly back and that's it. The end. You can go now, byebye.'
And he left. I can feel myself yawn, I should go back to my room. Someone stops me before I get by the door. I see it's Ashton. 'I'll walk you to your room.'
We talk a bit about the weather and some other useless stuff. Ashton is really nice. I give him the name of the nicest person of this tour. When we arrive at my room I open the door and walk inside. I say goodbye to Ashton. Before closing the door I hear Ashton saying one more thing.
'I'm glad they decided to hire you.'

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