Air Force Dad

Inspired by a author and the great Seth MacFarlane, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and American Dad come together with a 1997 film to make AIR FORCE DAD! Stan Smith is the President of the United States who must go up against terrorists, complete incompetence and a maze of never-ending chaos in order to save his family and stop the release of a brutal dictator...


1. The Beginning

Family Guy, American Dad and the Cleveland Show present:



I'd like to thank BobbySouth for this; he's done so many fanfics spoofing Family Guy and anything Seth MacFarlane with things like Wallace and Gromit and Toy Story. Here's my own version, using one of my surprisingly fav films of 1997: AIR FORCE ONE!


Note: I don't own anything. Family Guy, Cleveland Show and American Dad belong to Seth MacFarlane, whilst Air Force One belongs to Beacon Pictures, Andrew W. Marlone and Wolfgang Peterson


Cast List:

Stan Smith as President James Marshall

Stewie Griffin (with longer legs) as Ivan Kurshunov

Lois Griffin as Vice-President Kathryn Bennett

Francine Smith as Grace Marshall

Hayley Smith as Alice Marshall

Glenn Quagmire as Major Norman Caldwell

Peter Griffin as Chief of Staff Lloyd Shepherd

Roger the Alien as Secret Service Agent Gibbs

Carter Pewterschmidt as General Radek

Klaus the Goldfish as Radek’s Goldfish

Donna Tubbs as “Future Postmaster General”

Chris Griffin as Andrei Kolchak

Holt Richter (taller) as Sergei Lenski

Jackson as the first terrorist to die (Boris Bazylev)

Terry and Greg as the second and third terrorists to die (Igor Nevsky and Vladimir Krasin)

Avery Bullock as National Security Advisor Jack Doherty



Steve (unseen), Snot, Barry, Toshi, Jeff and Cleveland Jr. as the HALO FLIGHT 1

Joe Swanson as Major Perkins

Tim the Bear and Cleveland Brown as the Ramstein Tower Commanders

Jillian Russell as Melanie Mitchell

Adam West as Secretary of Defense Walter Dean

Jackson (double), Sanders, Dick, Terry, Coach McFall and Horace as the HALO FLIGHT 2

Sergei Kruglov as Russian President Petrov

Brian, Mort Goldman and Rallo Tubbs as the Pilots

Carl as US. Atty. General Ward

Broderick Brown as the White House Communications Officer

Federline Jones as General Northwood

Mr. Waterman as Lt. Colonel Ingraham

Mr Hallworthy, Jeremy and Captain Monty as 3 Officers on the Pararescue MC-130 Hercules

Arianna the Bear as White House Switchboard Operator

Bruce as Colonel Axelrod

Lester as Agent Johnson

Duper as Agent Walters


Characters that die on the Plane include:

Meg Griffin, Neil Goldman, Seamus, Angela, Connie, Jake Tucker (the death turns his face the right way), Stacy Tucker, Bob Tuttle, Debbie Hyman, Mrs. Richter and Kendra Krinklesac


Also Appearing:

Dick Dastardly, Muttley, Zilly and Klunk as the Vulture Squadron


Recurring Characters:

Tom Tucker as himself

Ollie Williams as himself

Joyce Kinney as herself


Chapter 1:


The Griffins, the Browns, the Smiths, Quagmire and the Swansons were all gathered in Joe's private movie screening theater. Whilst it was only really meant to show movies on DVDs or Blu-rays, Brian had managed to set it up to link in with a TV screen so they could watch shows as they were being broadcast. Tonight was the season première of the new Doctor Who. It was the first season to star Scotsman Peter Capaldi who had taken over from Matt Smith at the end of the 2013 Christmas special. And everyone who was there was hyped as hell.


“Alright! Everyone been for a toilet break?” Peter shouted, clipboard in hand.

“YES!” came the unanimous reply.


“Everyone got drinks?” “YES!”

“Snacks?” “YES!”


“Ok...” he continued, but Lois interrupted. “Peter, don't worry! We've got everything! Just come sit down so we can start!” she insisted. Peter sighed, threw the clipboard away, though it somehow did a boomerang and crashed into his head. Rubbing his head, Peter sat down next to his family. Then the power went out.


“Oh, that's just great!” Quagmire moaned. “I don't understand, the connection's worked perfectly before. Could there have been a power overload?” Brian questioned. Joe looked through a periscope. “No, looks like the whole neighbourhood has been hit. We've got another power cut” he explained. Everyone groaned. “Now what are we going to do??!” Stewie exclaimed. “Anyone got any good stories?” Cleveland suggested. Peter thought, then was about to speak when Cleveland interrupted him.


“No Despicable Me”. Peter thought again, but Joe interrupted him. “No Frozen”. Peter tried again, only for Quagmire to interrupt. “No Wall-E. In fact, nothing Pixar, nothing Dreamworks, Nothing Aardman!”. Peter gave up. “I've got nothing then” he admitted. Luckily, someone came to the rescue. “I've got something” Stan declared with a big smile and he went up to the front of the room. “What I'm about to tell you is a story of politics, mayhem on an unprecedented level, destruction, murder and non-stop edge-of-your-seat pacing. Prepare for a story that will leave you even more patriotic than you could ever claim to be”.


“Like you're not already highly patriotic” Hayley said sarcastically. “Hayley, do us a favour; shut up or I'll replace your role in the story with Meg!” Stan threatened. Meg looked hopeful but Hayley quickly got the message and kept quiet.


As I was saying, this is the story of the President of the United States of America...”

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