Air Force Dad

Inspired by a author and the great Seth MacFarlane, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and American Dad come together with a 1997 film to make AIR FORCE DAD! Stan Smith is the President of the United States who must go up against terrorists, complete incompetence and a maze of never-ending chaos in order to save his family and stop the release of a brutal dictator...


2. DCC

Air Force Dad – Divide, Conquer, Capture!






It was a dark, moonless night. Not a cloud was in the sky and the only thing that made the buildings see-able to begin with was street lights and floodlights. One particular building had not just floodlights, but armed guards on the roof, walking about. It was a large building looking like a palace, but you could tell it wasn't by the watch-tower and barbed wire fences. It was the home of someone brutal, horrible, uncaring. And his protection was about to be shattered.


For above Kazakhstan, strange things were afoot. It was hard to tell what was happening until white parachutes came into action. They were the parachutes of what appeared to be commandos, stopping them from falling straight to Earth and from the looks of their uniforms, half were American and half were Russian. As the commandos neared the ground, one commando, identified sorely as Major Perkins as his name was on his uniform, turned on a pair of sensor-goggles. He turned to his left and nodded. Without 5 seconds, the guards on the palace rooftop were suddenly shot at. All 10 guards dropped dead for unknown reasons as the commandos landed on the roof. Perkins had a look-around. Coast was clear. He turned to the others.


“Alright, lads. You've got one chance to do this. Screw it up and you'll pay the price with your life. You've practised this at bases across America and Russia for many months, let's see how you do for real...” he paused and checked. A piano came down onto the roof. “ONE, TWO, ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!!” Perkins yelled and “Good Morning” started to play.

“Good Morning, Good Morning! It's great to stay up late! Good Morning, Good Morning to You!


“When the band began to play, the stars were shining bright! But now the milkman's on his way, It's too late to say Good Night!”




“Good Morning, sunbeams will soon smile through! Good Morning, Good Morning to You!...”


But then a Kazakhstan guard joined in... “Nothing could be grander than to be in Louisiana, in the morning, in the morn...” he sang as the commandos all slowly stopped. When he realized he was the only one singing, he stopped mid-word. “Oh, sorry. I was under the impression you were all still singin...” he said but then stopped again. He saw the looks on the faces of the commandos, then saw their uniforms. The penny dropped... “Oh shi...” he said before being shot in the back of the head with a silenced pistol. “Let's roll!” Perkins said and the commandos moved off.


Timing their movements perfectly, the group charged into the complex, bashing the doors down. They stealthily moved through the halls and using their sensor-goggles, they mowed down the armed guards before they could even react.



Several floors down, in a grand master bedroom, a man in his late 50s was woken up by knocking on his floor.


“KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! General Radek!”

“KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! General Radek!”

“KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! General Radek!”

The man, Radek, rolled his eyes. Why did he hire this guard?! He was... crazy! “What???” he snapped. The doors flew open and 2 guards ran in. “Sir, we have to go! Assassins are in the compound!” One said, panicked. Radek glared. “Well, of course assassins are in the compound. That's your job name!” he snapped. “Actually, boss...” a voice piped up. It was Radek's goldfish, Klaus. “...he means there are assassins in the compound HERE TO KILL YOU!!”. Radek did a double-take as he realized what Klaus was saying with horror. But before the guards could do anything else, they were shot in the back by the commandos who rushed in and took Radek at gunpoint. “COME WITH US NOW!” Perkins roared and before Radek could do anything else, he was being hauled up and forced out of the room.


“Wait, I need my goldfish!” Radek cried. Perkin's partner sighed and grabbed the fish bowl as the group left the room. Outside, a helicopter flew out of the sky and slowed to a stop just hovering above the complex walls. The group of commandos forced their way onto the roof towards the helicopter, fending off gunshots from Radek's guards at the same time. Finally, the commandos on the helicopter grabbed a hold of Radek and forced him onboard whilst taking Klaus and placing him into a fishtank positioned behind the pilot. “Well, this totally doesn't seem like a recipe for disaster!” he said rather sarcastically.


The commandos who had captured Radek finally boarded the helicopter and it prepared to leave. But just as it was slowly moving upwards, there was a blood-curdling scream. Perkins had taken a bullet in the waist. “OW, OW, OW!” he cried repeatedly; he had wanted the mission to be flawless and it so nearly had been too. Luckily, his group knew what to do. They grabbed a bazooka and launched it at the firing soldiers. An explosion rang out and the soldiers flew in all different positions as the helicopter finally left, but then... “THE TANK BROKE, GET THAT FISH BACK IN ITS BOWL!”

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