The Golden Gun

A random short story about Archer Fade, the spy. When Archer's Golden Gun goes missing, she tries to find out who it is with disastrous results...


3. The Gun is Found!

   'Come in,' Parker wildly purred.  With a careful push, Fade opened the door.  'Sorry for being late, but I was being chased by some dimwitted coke fiend in a deliciously practical 4-door,' she lied.  'It's fine,' Steven Parker assured her. Archer took the seat under which Steven had hidden the Golden Gun. He sneezed trying unsuccessfully to hide his nervousness.  'Uhh, can I get you anything?' he blurted.  But Archer was distracted. Steven noticed a disgusted look on Archer Fade's face. Archer slowly opened her mouth to speak.

   '...What's that smell?'

   Steven felt a stabbing pain in his stomach when Archer Fade asked this.  In a moment of disbelief, he realized that he had hidden the Golden Gun in a box of dangerous oil-soaked rags. 'Wh-what?  I don't smell anything..!'  A lie.  A curious look started to form on Archer Fade's face. She turned to notice a box that seemed clearly out of place. 'Th-th-that's just my grandma's box from when she used to have pet long-haired sea monkeys.  She, uh...dropped 'em by here earlier'. Archer nodded with fake acknowledgement...then, before Steven could react, Archer Fade carefully lunged toward the box and opened it.  The Golden Gun was plainly in view.


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