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157. Waiting/Halloween

I will be back soon...


In the meantime, here's a story in the spirit of Halloween and those who celebrate it.

It is a Mexican folktale, and the story has many variations and it goes a little like this...



Long ago, there was a woman named Maria.


Maria was married and had two children.


One day, her husband left her for a younger woman.


Maria then played the revenge card and did what she knew had to be done.




She drowned her children in the river.



Maria ran away and then proceeded to drown herself in a river near Mexico City. 


When she got to heaven, she had a little trouble getting in. Apparently, the souls of her children were lost. So there did Maria went; went to travel the earth for eternity, crying out: "¡Ay mis hijos!" ("Oh my children!") From then on, Maria was known as la llorana, the weeping woman.

It is said that late at night, some can hear her cries for her children. This story is often told to children to prevent them from going out at night. If they did, the weeping woman would confuse them for her children and drown them in a river.

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