Mocha the Bear

The origin of my username, plus other shit. Warning! Yellow–may contain some mature content. Cursing is not censored. © Copyright 2014-2017. All rights reserved. I created the cover myself.


61. Tooth Fairy Goes to Spain

I know it's bad to eavesdrop into conversations, but this girl I hate named Julie talked about the time she went to Spain to study abroad. She didn't have a good experience over there. Why? She went to the dentist over there, and they wanted to pull out her wisdom teeth because they were infected. She was terrified, but they told her she needed to wait until she returned back home. It was a shame, I would have blown my undercover eavesdropping to hear a Spanish tooth snatcher story full of pain, because I would be laughing at Julie. I'd probably say: “So, did the tooth fairy travel to Spain just for your infected wisdom teeth?”

Trust me, if you knew her in person, you'd hate her guts too.

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