Mocha the Bear

The origin of my username, plus other shit. Warning! Yellow–may contain some mature content. Cursing is not censored. © Copyright 2014-2017. All rights reserved. I created the cover myself.


202. Talking About 1D with My Mom

So I always talk about 1D with my mom because I have no one else to talk to about them. Plus, she's my mother so she doesn't mind it.

I asked who she thought was the cutest out of the four of them. She pointed to Liam and said, "He's the most handsome." I then showed her a pic of Zayn. "Nope, Zayn and Liam are the most handsome." She then proceeded to say that Louis was the ugliest, Harry was the second ugliest, and Niall was just meh. Meh.

Then she said Liam looks like Ricky Martin, Zayn looks like a Mexican, and Harry looks like Michael Jackson. "Really?" I asked her. "Is it because of the hats?"

"Yes." She replied. I swear, my mom makes me laugh way too hard sometimes.

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