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281. Stupid Entry 4


Shitty day, only got 4 hours of sleep. I'm cold, hungry, and have a shit ton of things to do


Shit. Just shit. Also my friends Stephanie and and Katrina have birthdays today. Less than a week for my weather presentation and I need to fucking study. My room is a fucking mess.


Made my first payment towards my car loan.



Weather presentation was a success! Nervous but I did great with my partner. I got to thank my best friend for helping me prepare for it. Watched Harry Styles on SNL. He makes a great Mick Jagger.



Momma’s b-day. Yeah, she was born on the first Earth Day back in 1970. Love her so much. I guess I love the earth too.


Went to Longhorn Steakhouse for the first time to celebrate my momma’s birthday. Steak was so good! Although I would have enjoyed it more if the fucking lady at the table in proximity to ours didn’t stare at me while I ate. Mind your fucking business!


Applied for classes for next semester and got all the classes I wanted. Fuck yeah!


Dad officially traded in GMC Terrain for a newer model. After adding 30,000 more miles than what it already had, of course.


The birth conductor (dad, and I know this is weird but I thought it was funny) and I are now on speaking terms. Maybe because I know take things even more seriously than before. Or the fact that I’m old enough for my dad to make adult jokes in front of me. Makes me a little uncomfortable, not going to lie. Mostly I guess since my dad sometimes treats me like a son, but is okay with me not acting girly all the time.

Also I need to update this as much as possible. In other news, even if I do listen to Sign of the Times so much to the point that I use it to time myself in the shower, I like how it doesn’t get old. Many because ever since I knew who 1D was in 2012, Harry was the only who I mostly admired. I liked everyone equally in the sense of attractiveness, but Styles’ personality really takes the cake. Lol he was a baker once.


A guy left his phone when picking up a prescription. He came back to get it but he was so embarrassed.

4.28.17- 4.30.17

Weekend off from work bitches!


Best friend’s birthday!


Haven’t finished my painting yet for one of my art classes. Fuck.




PSA: Cinco de Mayo is NOT a Mexican drinking holiday. It was a battle won in Puebla, Mexico against the French. Not even the entire country of Mexico celebrates it. FYI, Mexico’s Independence Day is September 16th. Write it down in your calendars!


Had to work in the pharmacy today. Not too bad. Just from 11-3.


I didn’t do much considering that my mom ended up having to work today.


Fucking first final exam of the week. Not too bad.


No exams today, but had to go to work. I haven’t studied for my exams that are tomorrow.


FUCK FUCK FUCKY FUCK FUCK. I missed my final at 8 AM. Prof. was nice enough to let me try and take it tomorrow. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

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