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280. Sleeping Zombie: The Saga

So I got the 'we miss your face' email again. Look, I will comeback to Movellas. Now is the time where I am finishing up projects and studying for final exams in university. I currently don't have the time per say to do writing, but every time I do think about updating, I'm freaking busy and I don't have time to write down my ideas for my stories (btw I have a shit ton).

As soon as my semester in University ends, I'll just need to worry about work and I finally get time to devote to this wonderful place. I keep saying that I want to finish writing the current stories that I have so I can move on and start on my new ideas, but that was 2 years ago. Complicated is not going to make much sense now since it's 2017 and it takes place in 2019. Also, Girl Almighty was supposed to occur in 2015-2016; I got sidetracked so much in the previous years and the current year, so hopefully this summer I can make up for lost time. 

All the love that I can type,


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