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64. None of Your Business!

Everyone today at school was like, "Why didn't you go to prom?" or "Isn't this your senior year?" I do not give a fuck about prom, guys. Even my parents asked, and they were like, "You know, we could have paid for your ticket." People! C'mon!

The main reason I didn't was to go to prom was because I didn't have a date. Furthermore, my friends had dates, so I didn't want to be in a third wheeler situation. Oh, and I didn't grow up with any of the people at my school because I transferred during October/November 2011. So why the fuck would I go to prom when I didn't have a friend, date, or knew the people as much in my graduating class? For fucks sake, I just want to graduate and get the hell out of High school. Fucking full of drama,despair, stress, and homework.

Maybe college might be a bit more stressful, but at least it will be not as dramatic. Fingers crossed. ✌🏻️

Pretend that's the fingers crossed emoji.

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