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100. Mexican Journal: Week 3 Summary

100th Chapter! Whoo hoo!

July 26, 2015- August 1, 2015

Period. Not fun. Went to the flea market and got stuff I needed. Also, I met one of my mom's childhood friends named Maria. Maria's mom, Lupe Ramirez, is a saint. Such a nice old lady who's full of faith. Bought some churros at the plaza.

Morale is at its lowest, man. I feel like shit. At 4:06 PM I felt a little better. Eating again. I ate corn on the cob with lime, cheese, and mayo. Sounds bad, but it tastes good.

It was an okay Tuesday...

Hump day! Lol. I feel better today! Ate today too and started to organize my suitcase cause I have like 6 days left. Went to La Piedad again.

Went to the water park again. Didn't feel good because my stomach was in knots. It's 5:35 PM and I did have fun after all. I felt bad for my aunt Angelica (Ximena and Angie's mom) because she was on her period and couldn't go swim. I went to my aunt Claudia showed me how to crochet a ring.

Ah Friday. Let's just say that it ended up in disaster.

Saturday...good shit happened and I bought yarn and a hook to crochet. Ate some good homemade pizza.

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