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96. Mexican Journal: Week 1

This documents what happened to me while I was in Mexico. Hope you enjoy.

July 12, 2015- July 18, 2015

Day 1: 4 hour plane ride from Chicago to Guadalajara wasn't that bad. Couldn't sleep well though. Later on after we get to my parents' hometown, there was a lot of crying involved. I really don't want to talk about it.😒

Day 2: woke up real late. Traveled all over town doing important errands before the wedding. Kinda tired. My back aches and my right arm is numb. I got to meet my cousin's little one-year-old in person. She's cute as a doll. I got my nails done. 💅🏼

10:33 PM

Pretty bad place to get nails done after all. I went back to my aunt's place and had a conversation with her while consuming rebanadas. For your information, it's toasted bread with frosting. 😋

About to go to bed.


Day 3: Pretty good Tuesday. Woke up at 8:00 ish. Went to the market and bought meat. My mom was MIA since 10:00 AM and took very long to get back from her nail appointment. I keep meeting my family members' family from their other side of the family. Kinda awkward as hell.

5:07 PM

I went to my Aunt Olivia's house, saw my grandma, and tried to discreetly get the wifi password. Mission accomplished.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to update any of my Movellas like this one. Also, I didn't get to download much music.

8:57 PM

I went to the town church. I don't know why, but my point of view on religion is conflictive right now. My prayers aren't answered. I see no miracles happen.

10:59 PM

I cried for a while and watched the 1D This Is Us movie to cheer me up.


Day 4:

Got up and got ready and went to my aunt Olivia's. Me and my cousin Tania played monopoly and watched This Is Us. She didn't understand the English, but she still likes it. We played a lot of board games. Me and my brother Edgar left and stopped by my Aunt Lola's but then walked all the way to my Aunt Delia's. We went to go get some tacos and went back to my aunt Lola's.

Edgar left with my mom and I went to my aunt Claudia's house with my cousin Alberto and my aunt Claudia. I sat down and had a convo with my cousin about Pokémon and other random shit. I skyped Dalia for a bit.

Day 5:

Wedding day. Not mine, but I am equally as nervous. I got my hair done and I was forced to wear foundation and fake lashes. I did look good.

12:27 AM

My cousin's wedding was fucking awesome. I danced the night away. I got to drink too! 😉🍷

3:31 AM

Goodnight. ✌🏻

Day 6:

Woke up late and went to eat tacos. Then went to my aunt Lola's and hung out with my cousins. Went to the artisan festival with my cousins Ximena and Angie. Hung out with them the rest of the day.

Day 7:

Didn't eat well today. Running out of cute outfits. Morale is low.

8:32 PM

Just came from my aunt Olivia's. I ate tacos and went to the artisan festival. At my aunt Lola's hanging out with my cousin Alberto. FYI, he's a fucking terrible listener. Just saying.

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