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270. Life Right Now of a Mexican American

Hello my fellow readers and or writers.

Yes, I've been slacking...a lot. 

But I fucking hate my country right now. How could we let a fascist into the oval office? Sure, there are checks and balances towards the executive branch, but he could still do harm to the US. Everyone knows who he is. We don't need to name him as of now. I'm now on a mission. Working my ass off to show people that I am not nothing. I am an American! And if I have to, I will stand up for myself. I am going to do everything that I want to accomplish and I will get it done. Including this. Movellas is still a part of my life, and I want it to continue to be a part of me. If anyone ever wants to talk because they need someone to talk to, feel free to go to twitter and DM me. Same username: mochabear511. will hopefully be back soon,



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