Mocha the Bear

The origin of my username, plus other shit. Warning! Yellow–may contain some mature content. Cursing is not censored. © Copyright 2014-2017. All rights reserved. I created the cover myself.


204. Hilldawg's Stories

Okay so this is Hilldawg's dream. She told me via text message.


So I was working my usual shift at Pizza Hut when my former AHS 111 professor named Phil came in. We were busy, but I stopped helping other tables and only took care of Phil. Keep in mind that he's 27 years old and a graduate assistant. He's hot as hell. Anyway, we passed each other love notes in napkins. He told me he never wanted to stop seeing me and asked he to come to his house. He warned me that he still lived with his parents. Also, that his dad is mean and has a drinking problem. I remember thinking the entire time, I hope we bang. But we never did. lol 


And that my friends is a another story by Hilldawg herself. 


All the love I can type,


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