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198. Fan Fictions

I have decided to finish all my fan fictions, once and for all. It was a bad idea to even work on so many at the same time. It was so bad that I ended up deleting some good story ideas that I had. The thing is, I want to finish Girl Almighty. Why? Well, I want to have closure. I want to finish with what I started about a year ago, which was the first Movella that I ever wrote: My Baker Boy. I want to finish Complicated Love so you can find out who Dalia ends up with. I want to finish Stockholm Syndrome so you can find out the secrets of Liz Romero's past and why Liam James Payne from One Direction has anything to do with it. 

The biggest reason as to why I want to finish all these wonderful stories is because the new ones that I have lined up in the future are linked to them. Girl Almighty is linked to Complicated Love. Also, Stockholm Syndrome is linked to Complicated Love. It's because good old CL is in the future, and I wanted to use GA and SS to explain why the rest of 1D decided to break up. Keep an eye out for that. 


In the mean time, I'll be sure to change The Dream Carrier from 'complete' to 'in progress'.



Alondra (mochabear511)

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