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92. Family Stories

My mom, dad, and I sat outside on our porch today. My dad told stories of his youth when he lived on a ranch in Mexico and I have to say, they're pretty bad ass. I mean legit bad ass. He was completely honest. He was stung by a scorpion once at 12 years of age and then 3 times when he was 22 years old and newly wed to my mom. Neither times did he have to get anti-venom. Score one on the bad ass score board. There was another time he spotted a coral snake and ran to the hills.

Okay, that last wasn't brave and epic, but he did go back and kill it with a tree branch. Two points.

There was this one time when he was about fourteen, that he went with my late grandpa Luis on a burro to check on the crops when-


Nope, not a snake. 

Either way my dad ran away on the burro he was on (Hey, don't start snickering. I know you are. Don't be racist because burros are cool. Don't be racist against burros.) and he raced back home. 

"Everardo," (Yes, that's my dad's name. It's pronounced: ever-ar-doh.) My grandma said, "Where's your father?" 

"Oh he's coming," My dad replied. "I had to come back. I heard the devil out there in the fields!" 

"What devil?" Grandpa Luis said. "It was a stupid opossum." 


And to wrap up the stories my dad has told me here's a last one: he was brave enough to try to stone a skunk to death. 

The end. 

I'm not bragging about my dad at all, but I just wanted to share those stories with you all because I thought they were pretty interesting. -mochabear511

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