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242. Cinco De Mayo

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. I know what you're all thinking...

"OMG Happy Mexican Independence day!"


Let me stop you there.


For all the ignorant people out there, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican independence day. We do not drink like crazy or have a "fiesta". While I was working as a cashier at a Mexican restaurant that my parents work at, about five people told me "Happy Cinco de Mayo!" and at least one person told me that it must suck that I can't celebrate my own holiday. News flash!


Cinco de Mayo isn't a holiday. It was the battle of Puebla where the indigenous Mexicans of Puebla fought along side the Spanish colonists and beat the shit out of Napoleon and his French army. Oh and our actual independence day?

September 16. Look it up. Our independence day was to separate from Spain. 


Many other Mexicans agree that there are many ignorant Americans who do not know at all much about Mexican culture.


And just a friendly reminder...



Not all Hispanics are Mexican.




Just saying.

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