Mocha the Bear

The origin of my username, plus other shit. Warning! Yellow–may contain some mature content. Cursing is not censored. © Copyright 2014-2017. All rights reserved. I created the cover myself.


144. 1D Dream Featuring Disney's Austin & Ally

Wicked dream! So I was in Austin & Ally and was part of their group of friends. In a way, I was like their secretary because I remember wearing a black pencil skirt and a red collar blouse. One Direction was in the dream too. They pretended to be an Austrian band named Ink. Apparently, Zayn died. Trish (a.k.a. Raini Rodriguez) told me to take them to get ice cream. It seemed like “Ink” was checking me out, especially Harry and Niall. Liam and Louis didn’t go with us.

As we were walking, we walked through a plaza similar to the one in La Piedad, Jalisco, Mexico. I kept eyeing Harry and Niall. I figured out that 1D was faking it because they had to. Zayn wasn’t really dead. Harry and Niall talked to me in an American accent. Niall smiled at me but his teeth were crooked like the 2009 Niall. Harry was surprised I had figured out their secret. I said sorry while hugging Niall because I was fangirling.  

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