Elmo Kills Spuddy

WARNING-THIS STORY WILL HAUNT YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND MAKE YOU TERRIFIED OF ELMO. IT WILL MAKE YOU WET YOURSELF WITH FEAR. ONLY THE BRAVE SHALL READ IT AND NOT BE SCARED! @Amour Spudnick has been haunted by Elmo since she was little. Now Elmo wants to play... Also with other stories of Elmo the Evil...


7. When Spuddy Turned 10...

Spuddy woke up on her birthday and rushed into her parents' room for her present. 

"What is it? What is it?" she shouted happily.

"Well, seeing as you like Elmo so much-" Spuddy felt her whole body turn to stone. "-we've bought you a life-size Elmo doll!"

They opened the door to the bathroom. Inside was a massive Elmo, furry, red and terrifying. Its plastic eyes glittered.

"Press its tummy!" said Spuddy's mother. 

With a feeling of utmost dread, Spuddy stepped forward and poked the doll's stomach. In a high-pitched voice, it proclaimed, "I can't wait to play with you, Spuddy!"

Spuddy screamed. "I-I-It knows m-my name!"

"Well, of course it knows your name, Spuddy. We bough-t i-t esssss-pesss-iii-yall-yyy" her parents slurred, at the same time. Their eyes glowed red. Spuddy screamed even louder, and the massive Elmo doll picked her up and slowly started choking her. She looked into its eyes and sadly gave in. She lost conciousness and the Elmo doll dropped her to the floor and stepped over her unmoving body. 

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