Elmo Kills Spuddy

WARNING-THIS STORY WILL HAUNT YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND MAKE YOU TERRIFIED OF ELMO. IT WILL MAKE YOU WET YOURSELF WITH FEAR. ONLY THE BRAVE SHALL READ IT AND NOT BE SCARED! @Amour Spudnick has been haunted by Elmo since she was little. Now Elmo wants to play... Also with other stories of Elmo the Evil...


10. My Encounter with Evil Elmo

A/N I am not sure if this story is true. It is by HalfDevilHalfAngel.

It was two weeks ago , I was at my cousin's house. I finished my dinner and walked into my cousin's room and hopped on the bed. I was surrounded by stuffed animals. I picked up a toy Elmo and pressed it. It said , " I love you , I love you. " I kept on pressing it until it said , " I HATE YOU , I HATE YOU!! " I jumped and ran to the door. But I felt something on my leg. When I looked down I saw the Elmo!  I pushed him off , but he hit my leg with a knife. I fell to the floor screaming in pain. I was home alone. He jumped on top of me about to stab me with his knife. I threw him off, grabbing the knife. I opened the window and threw him out. After him I threw the knife. It hit him sticking him to the top of a building with a knife in his eye.


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