Elmo Kills Spuddy

WARNING-THIS STORY WILL HAUNT YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND MAKE YOU TERRIFIED OF ELMO. IT WILL MAKE YOU WET YOURSELF WITH FEAR. ONLY THE BRAVE SHALL READ IT AND NOT BE SCARED! @Amour Spudnick has been haunted by Elmo since she was little. Now Elmo wants to play... Also with other stories of Elmo the Evil...


9. Forced

From her tenth birthday to her nineteenth, Spuddy stayed in the house. Elmo did everything. Sometimes he left her for days, starving and thirsty, locked in a room, sometimes he made her dance for hours on end. Occasionally he made Spuddy hurt herself, or jump off the stairs and things like that. Every night he gave her the most horrible nightmares. He watched every move she made. It was living hell. 

Elmo laughed joyfully whenever Spuddy cried. Elmo was always there, in the corner of Spuddy's eye. Salty tears leaked down her face as Elmo cackled mercilessly. 

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