Elmo Kills Spuddy

WARNING-THIS STORY WILL HAUNT YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND MAKE YOU TERRIFIED OF ELMO. IT WILL MAKE YOU WET YOURSELF WITH FEAR. ONLY THE BRAVE SHALL READ IT AND NOT BE SCARED! @Amour Spudnick has been haunted by Elmo since she was little. Now Elmo wants to play... Also with other stories of Elmo the Evil...


13. Awake

~Spuddy's POV~

I open my eyes. The last thing I remember is Elmo's face up close to mine, laughing manically at my death. My death.... I'M DEAD! WHAT? HOW AM I AWAKE? I'M DEAD! I look around, panicked. I am in a small white room, sitting on a small white bench. On the other side of the room is a white door, but there is no handle on this side. I am locked in. Is this the afterlife? Maybe it's heaven. It is heaven, without Elmo.

A/N You know what's going to happen, don't you? I'm so sorry, Spuddy, but-

The door swings open and a balding man in a white coat steps into the room.

"Spuddy...?" he asks.

"Yes, that's me." I confirm.

"We have a visitor for you."

A visitor! Who could it be? (A/N STOP SMIRKING AND READ IT!) "Who?" I enquire.

"A gentleman by the name of Elmo," replies the man, smiling nastily, "I'll leave you two to it."

He walks out of the room as Elmo appears in the doorway. I almost faint with fear and exhaustion. Not again...

"We're going to play for all eternity, aren't we, Spuddy?" he says in his sing-song voice. I mumble something like "Nooo..."

"Aren't we, Spuddy?" his voice is steelier now. I start crying.

"AREN'T WE, SPUDDY?" he roars, taking out his knife. 

I crumpled into a heap and wish desperately for something else.


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