The Boy Who Changed Everything.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be good enough for anyone. Sometimes I wonder if I'll get to be with someone. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be happy.
This story is about a young girl who is trying to start a new life, trying to be happy. And trying to fit in. But will she ever be noticed as the "normal one"?


1. The Beginning

I started college a few weeks ago. And my life has changed so much. I've met so many new people, new friends and just new everything. Honestly, I find that I have changed as a person, I've become my real self. I've never felt happier or better. I have a lot more confidence, I am able to talk to people around me, as I suffer from anxiety and depression. But it's getting easier!

In my college course, I'm doing art. I really enjoy it, it's the best decision I've made. There is also someone who I talk to every now and then. We used to talk all the time, but we no longer sit with each other. He is called Aidan. Aidan is a nice and lovely boy, who I really love having a conversation with. You know the feeling when someone talks to you, and your stomach gets butterflies? That's me every time we speak.

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