The Boy Who Changed Everything.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be good enough for anyone. Sometimes I wonder if I'll get to be with someone. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be happy.
This story is about a young girl who is trying to start a new life, trying to be happy. And trying to fit in. But will she ever be noticed as the "normal one"?


5. It's a Date?

"Hey, Tessa. Wait up!" I called as I quickly caught up with her. Tessa is one of my closest friends I've known since starting college. She is a year older than me. I can't tell her a lot of things as I am one of them people who I find hard to trust people. Strange, I know.

"We have to do all of them paintings, again! Oh I hate Emma so much! She probably has to be one of the worst teachers ever." Did I mention she complained a lot? "Anyway, I've noticed that you and Aidan are getting close!" She winked at me.

I blushed. "Shh!" I laughed.

"Oh, this is serious. Do tell! He is pretty beautiful, so I see why you like him."

"Oh my god he is! His eyes are just, argh. Just him, he's argh." I blushed even more. I also felt like a bit of a fan girl. Lots of people walked past us as we slowed right down talking about him. We must of been talking for like, 20 minutes. Aidan walked by. "Oh hi, Aidan!"

"Heyy, Aidann." She did a flirty wave. I nudged her.

"Hey, you." He smiled his beautiful smile. "Say, Cara. You free tonight? There's a film and I wanted to see if you wanted to go watch it with me because I know how much you love horror movies!" He sounded so excited.

"Yeah, sure I'll go! Yey!" I laughed, embarrassed.

"Sweet! I'll see you inside?" He walked away.

"Oh. My. God. He just asked you on a date!" Tessa beamed.

"No, don't be silly, Tes!" Bowing my head.

"So you're telling me a cute guy walks up to you, out of the blue, asks you if you want to go watch a movie. And you say that's not a date? I don't know about you Cara Carter, but that is what you call a date." She left me speechless. We giggled and walked inside. It's a date?

I began doing my work. And I couldn't help but smile. "What's made you so happy?" He asked.

Looking up and smiled even more. "Oh nothing. Tessa just said something smile." He raised his eyebrows.

"What was it?" Curious to know.

"It doesn't matter, ha ha."

"Please, do tell." It sounded like he was more or less begging.

"Well, she said that you asked me on a date. Silly, I know. But she's having none of it!" My hands just raised as if I was going I-don't-even-know.

"It could be a date. Nothing too forward or anything?" He looked at me with his oh so ever beautiful and innocent eyes.

"I would like that." I smiled.

It's a date.

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