The Celebrity Crush

Layla Green an Olympic swimmer finds herself on an interview with jimmy fallon being asked who her celebrity crush was when he was standing 10 yards away... Ashton Irwin drummer of famous band '5SOS'. Will they get together? Will media tear them apart? Or will Ashton do something unpredictable just to get her to be his girlfriend? You will find out in 'the celebrity crush'



A/N heyyyyy it's been a while! So this is the best chapter lets just say it gonna be interesting...



"ALRIGHTY FOLKS!" Jimmy yelled "we don't know exactly who won but let's just say it was a draw!" He said. "After the break 5 Seconds of Summer will be preforming their hit single Good Girls!" The next thing he said surprised me...a lot,"I WANT FULL CREDIT FOR CREATING ASHLA! POINT SAID!"

That's when my life got even crazier.....


******Next Morning*********g

"Bzzzzzzzz,Bzzzzzzzzzzzz" what the hell? "bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Bzzzzzzzzzzzz" I groaned and looked at my phone, what? I couldn't believe my eyes what the akdjejdnkwsbekrnfjjfnddb? OH MY SHIT! 8 MILLION MENTIONS! I quickly logged onto twitter.

"'Watch this omfg I ship Ashla so much!'" I read aloud. I clicked the link.

"Upcoming news is Ashton Irwin and Layla Green secretly dating? last night on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' Ashton and Layla were very close in their game of 'Fitness Trivia' do I see a new couple sprouting? 'Ashla' is the new ship name as you can see in this clip Jimmy clearly says 'I want full credit for creating Ashla' they know they have Jimmy's blessing. We will give you any news on the new 'couple'" The video ended. WHAT THE ACTUAL AJSKEJRNKWKJENEJ! I need to call rung a few times then all-

"Hello?" He said in a sleepy voice, aww he sounds to cut- FOCUS

"Hey it's Layla um I don't know if you are aware but the WHOLE WORLD THINKS WE ARE A COUPPLE" I said

"Well I don't think that's a bad thing babe." He says. What. The. Actual. Hell. He. Is. Making. Me. Die.

"Oh gosh can you shut up and let me talk? I think this is a problem the media my manager your management may not allow this." BZZZZ,"look it is a text from my manager now, it says 'meeting in my office bring Ashton we have things to discuss' LOOK WHAT WE HAVE DONE!!" I said.

"Okay let's just go and hope for the best." Ashton said calmly.

"Okay see you in a few." I said

"Bye babe." He said. He really has to stop calling me babe.


I walked through the door to see Ashton my manager and the head person at Ashton's management.

"We see that this whole Jimmy Fallon thing has caused some problems, but we both feel that it would give Layla and 5SOS more publicity if you guys umm..-" my manager said than was cut off by Ashton's

"if you guys started dating."



A/N: Sorry it's been a while! Hope you are enjoying the story keep reading commenting and liking it gives me motivation to write!😘


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