The Celebrity Crush

Layla Green an Olympic swimmer finds herself on an interview with jimmy fallon being asked who her celebrity crush was when he was standing 10 yards away... Ashton Irwin drummer of famous band '5SOS'. Will they get together? Will media tear them apart? Or will Ashton do something unpredictable just to get her to be his girlfriend? You will find out in 'the celebrity crush'


1. Jimmy Fallon

"Okay so on today's show we have Layla Green Olympic swimmer joining us!" Everyone applauds. "Then we have actor Adam Sandler with us!" More applauds."Then closing our show with their latest single 'Good Girls' 5 Seconds Of Summer!" Jimmy Fallon states. "After this short break Adam Sandler will be coming on!"

Let me introduce myself I'm Layla Green Olympic swimmer 3 time gold medalist. I have 6 world records. Yep I'm that awesome, just kidding but I really am a 3 time gold medalist and hold 6 world records. Right now I am as nervous as hell because I'm up next after Adam Sandler who is just wrapping up his interview.

"Alright thanks for being on the show Adam, after the break we will have Layla Green 3 time Olympic gold medalist come on and answer my questions and her fans'." Jimmy says with excitement.

Oh my gosh I'm next. Okay Layla calm down calm down.

"Okay and we are back and let's have Layla Green on the stage please." Jimmy says. I take a deep breath and walk on stage.

"Hey Jimmy how are you doing today?" I ask.

"I'm doing great how are you?" He asks me.

"Fine, fine..., I don't mean to be rude but can we like skip the awkward silence and go to the questions I'm not very good with this kind of stuff and awkward silence isn't the way to go." I rambled making the audience laugh as well as Jimmy.

"That's okay Layla I don't like awkward silence either!" Jimmy assured."Okay first question,what was it like to win a gold medal at such a big event?"

"To be honest it felt amazing like I was in top of the world I can just imagine my parents jumping up and down with excitement with tears running down their faces!" I laughed, and so did everyone else.

"Cool, second one how hard is training?" Jimmy asked.

"Well, don't mean to brag but I probably have the most muscular body here." I stated.

"Well we will see about that in the game we will play." Jimmy stated with an evil smile.

"Okay then next question please." I said.

"Do you like 5 Seconds Of Summer?" Jimmy asked.

"Yes, I do I think that all their songs have meanings that everyone can relate to and they are really good songs." I said honestly.

"Great! Have you ever heard of Ashla?"

"Um...this is kind of awkward to say considering he is like 5 yards away but I think I have heard that I'm Ashton's celebrity crush and it's our 'ship' name." I stated awkwardly.

"Right on point! Last question who is your favourite person from 5 Seconds Of Summer?" Jimmy asked.

"This is gonna be so awkward but I'm gonna be completely honest and say Ashton." I said blushing.

"Oh...I see a relationship sparking there! Okay so after the break we will play a game called 'fitness trivia' and the teams are gonna be me and Layla against Ashton..." Jimmy stopped to wiggle his eyebrows at me and the crowd laughed while I blushed,"Ashton and Luke!"

All I was thinking was 'oh lord what have I gotten myself into'.


A/N Hey guys how was the first chapter? Hoped you enjoyed I will be posting every Friday! 😘

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