The Celebrity Crush

Layla Green an Olympic swimmer finds herself on an interview with jimmy fallon being asked who her celebrity crush was when he was standing 10 yards away... Ashton Irwin drummer of famous band '5SOS'. Will they get together? Will media tear them apart? Or will Ashton do something unpredictable just to get her to be his girlfriend? You will find out in 'the celebrity crush'


5. Expect the Unexpected

A/N: I see how much you guys love this story! 😘👍👍! That gives me motivation to update! So here is the next chapter and let's just say to expect the unexpected because the unexpected will happen;) Enjoy!👹😘


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"Go!" Jimmy yelled. Oh it is on...

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We started to do our pull ups. I started out slow and steady because we might be here for a while;) (Ashton has some big muscles;)) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9-"Layla and Ashton both are starting out slow and steady but we are gonna make this challenge a little bit harder." Jimmy said with a determined smirk and an evil face, I have a feeling that the determined smirk has nothing to do with the challenge,"Both of you turn to face each other," We did,"Now start to do your pull ups facing each other and using one arm." I've done this before but it is hard to concentrate with Ashton's hazel eyes boring into my crystal blue ones. But all of a sudden my hands started to slip. That's unusual because I NEVER slip EVER. About 2 seconds later my hand completely left the pole and I started falling in mid air. Waiting for the hard cold ground to hit my body. It never did. I felt strong arms catch me. As I looked up I saw those beautiful hazel eyes that distracted me moments ago. It felt as though we were the only ones in the room. He started to lean towards my face as did I.

"ALRIGHTY FOLKS!" Jimmy yelled "we don't know exactly who won but let's just say it was a draw!" He said. "After the break 5 Seconds of Summer will be preforming their hit single Good Girls!" The next thing he said surprised me...a lot,"I WANT FULL CREDIT FOR CREATING ASHLA! POINT SAID!"

That's when my life got even crazier...


A/N like I haven't posted in forever so the next chapter will be extra long hope you are enjoying the story so far!!! By the way I don't intend for Layla to appear as cocky it's like in a joking manner!

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