No strings attached.

what me and Calum had was perfect.

But then, what's perfect doesn't last.


13. 13.0


The flight back to Australia left me exhausted. Strangely, I felt closer to Calum than ever during that flight. He kept his arm wrapped tightly around me, and sang me to sleep. Twice.

As I walked up the narrow path way to my house, my dad swung open the front door. "Asia! I've missed you so much." He said, as he hugged me. Calum trailed behind with my suitcases. "I swear you only took two with you?" My dad asked, staring at the now 5 suitcases.

"Shopping." Calum rolled his eyes. It was weirdly attractive. "Asia!" Ashton's mum caning running out to great me. "You must be starved. Let's eat." We walked inside. I'd missed the oaky smell of my house, and it's embracing warmth. Ashton's mum made us bacon and eggs. The smell made me want to vomit. I ran to the bathroom, causing everyone to stare confusingly at me. "What's wrong with her?" I heard my dad ask Calum. "Mr.Irwin, that's really not my place to tel you.." 
The rest of his sentenced was masked by the sound of my vomit. God, I hoped I didn't have this for nine months. "Calum." I cried, between puking. "Asia," he said, wrapping his warm arms around me. "Everything's gonna be okay. We need to talk to your parents, Asia." 
I brushed my teeth, and tied back my hair. Calum didn't take his eyes off of me. I wish I knew what he was thinking. Calum had always had a way of showing no expression-making it almost impossible to read him. He watched me, not saying a word. When I was done, he took my hand, and walked me into the dining room. 
"Mr, Mrs.Irwin, please. Sit." Ashton's mum say cautiously on the black leather sofa. My dad stayed stood, and nodded his head. "Dad, Mom." I mumbled. "I only just found out-I thought I was really ill, when we were in London."
My dad interrupted. "Asia, what? Are you okay?" I sighed. "Dad, just wait. I'm fine, sorta. I had to have a scan-and turns out, I'm three months pregnant." Calum squeezed my hand as I spoke.
My dad went white. Ashton's mum screwed up her face, holding back tears. Shit.
"What the fuck?! You two haven't been together five minutes! You're both so young!" My dad screamed. "Dad," I said, clutching Calum. "There's a really small chance the baby could be Sam's. But it's more than likely Calum's. We're keeping it. No matter what." I felt like crying. 
Ashton's mum stood up. "Asia, being a young mum is so, so hard." She mumbled. "But, I'll support you. No matter what, that's what I promised to do." She forced a smile.
My dad walked into the kitchen, and poured himself a beer. "Asia," Ashton's mum said. "Stay at Calum's tonight-until your dad's calmed down. He's just shocked. Have you spoken to your parents, Cal?" 
"Next on my to do list." He smiled, always trying to be funny. I grabbed one of the suit cases, unsure of weather I actually had any clean clothes inside of it. Ashton's mum shut the kitchen door, and I could hear what sounded like an argument between her and my dad. Calum pulled me to his chest, and kissed my hair. "Well, at least I'm still breathing." Calum laughed. 

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