No strings attached.

what me and Calum had was perfect.

But then, what's perfect doesn't last.


12. 12.0


I walked along Bristol Docks, and gazed at all the amazing things England had to offer. It's funny, as a kid I always dreamed of coming to England. And now I was here, I just wanted to go home. 

About three hours after I left Calum, I decided it was time i went back to the hotel. "Babe," he got up from the bed. "I was so worried. Are you alright?" He asked, wrapping his arms around me. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just needed to think." Calum pulled me close to him, and kissed my forehead. He pulled me into the bed, and wrapped around me tightly. "I love you." He said. 
"I love you too."

"I'm sorry our last day sucked ass, Asia." 
"No, don't be. It's not your fault. We'll never forget this holiday though." I laughed.

"No," Calum laughed. "Actually, that's not a bad idea, Asia." 
"What's not?" I asked, confused.
"If the babies a girl, we'll call her London. I know it's been a shitty trip, but it just fits." He smiled.

That was when I realised. 'No strings attached.' No feelings, no commitment. But now everything had changed. And for the first time, I felt Totally in Love with Calum. And he loved me too. 

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