No strings attached.

what me and Calum had was perfect.

But then, what's perfect doesn't last.


10. 10.0

Calum stayed silent for hours. A nurse came in and scanned my stomach a second time. She explained to me how I was no more than three months pregnant, and that they wanted to keep my over night, just to make sure I was okay. 

"Cal, I didn't know, I swear." I whispered. 
"I believe you, Asia. It's just a bit of a shock I guess. I mean, we're both so young-you just don't think about it." He didn't even look at me as he spoke.

"But Asia, I love you but I have to ask this. Is it mine? I've been thinking about it since the doctor told me-we only had sex two months ago, two and a half at a push." He frowned. I felt sick.

"Calum, don't you think I would have told you? I haven't slept with anyone else, other than you and Sam. But me and Sam hadn't slept together in weeks when we split up." I could feel my eyes filling with tears.
"Asia, to be sure, when the baby comes, I want to get a DNA. I'll support you no matter what, but if the baby is Sam's, he has a right to know."
"What makes you think I'm going I keep it?" I asked.
"Asia.." Calum frowned.
"Cal, you have to understand. This isn't some puppy, you can love for  a month until you more takes care of it. You'll be off touring, I'll have the baby. It'll see you what, once a year?" I yelled.
"You can both travel with me, we can make it work.."
"A child needs stability, Calum!"
"Then I'll leave the band! If that's my child in there, I am not letting you make the wrong decision."
"Cal, no. You can't quit. Look, I'm sorry. I'm stressed."

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