No strings attached.

what me and Calum had was perfect.

But then, what's perfect doesn't last.


7. 0.7

The dress fitted perfectly, and honestly, I felt like a goddamn movie star. Calum had rented a car for the weekend, again nothing fancy so we could have more privacy. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Well," Calum smiled. "The hippodrome, to watch Wicked, because I know it's your favourite musical, as you've made me watch it a hundred times." He laughed. "Then, to a restaurant, so I can show you off." I kissed him. "You spoil me way too much, Mr.Hood!" He grinned. "Asia, just wait and see."

The hippodrome was in the centre of Bristol, and was filled with so many people. We had front row seats, and where so close to the stage they could probably hear me singing as well. Every time I looked over at Calum, he wasn't watching the show. He was just staring at me, clutching my hand like a child clutches their toy. As we left, he turned to me and asked me if I had a good time. "Calum, it was amazing! Thank you so much for all this." I hugged him. "Next stop, you're restaurant. From the very best of Portugal, I give you a restaurant so amazing, you'd happily eat the garbage. Asia, I give you, Nando's!" He laughed. I smiled at him, and kissed him. "Perfect."

Calum ordered his usual, medium spiced chicken burger with chips, and I ordered the wrap. "So, Asia. This is kinda our first date." Calum said. "Yeah, I guess it is!" I laughed. "He clutched my hand. "Y'know, I wanna do this properly now. Where do you see yourself in 5 years, Asia?" Calum smirked. "Well, travelling the world, I guess that would be fun." I replied. "And what is your biggest fear?" He giggled, desperate to do this properly. "My biggest fear? Well, Calum Hood, is that I'm not good enough. Do you know how crazy it is? When your brother drums in a band millions of teenage girls are obsessed with? But, you can handle that. But your boyfriend, instantly you have millions of girls that would gladly trade places. A million more threats, a million more girls to make sure don't catch your eye. And also, to not forget who we are." Calum looked at me, realising how seriously I'd taken this. "Y'know what? Let's upload a picture of us in Twitter. We'll announce it to the world. An every jealous female that has an issue, can't call themselves a real fan. Asia, I love my job. A job isn't even the right word for it. But, ever since the day I met you, you've amazed me. And everyday. I find something new to love. Like you in that dress, that image will never, ever leave my head. And the way your hair flows after you shower. And I think the best thing about you, is when you talk in your sleep. I could stay awake all night and listen to the stories you tell. Asia Hayden, you are the most amazing person I've ever met. And if the fans can't see that, at least I can." He kissed me, and wiped away the tears that had fallen down my cheeks. "Let's go back to the hotel? I have another surprise for you." Calum stood up, and pulled out my chair. He held open the car door, and held me so close to him all the way back to the hotel.

We got back to the hotel, and Calum undid my necklace. "Thank you for tonight , Calum. It was amazing." I kissed him. He pushed me into the bed, and took off my dress. "Let's take a selfie." He laughed. He took a photo, if us both completely topless, but covered by the duvet. "What should I caption it? Something subtle yet obvious." He asked. "I don't know, whatever you think." I grinned. "I'll just write 'happy birthday to my amazing girlfriend-love you forever, Asia." He kissed me, and posted the picture. He stared down at my black underwear. "You realise they need to come off, right?" He laughed. I flicked his american apparel underwear against him, and said "only if yours are too." He smiled at me, and kissed me again,, removing his pants as he did so. In short, that was the best birthday sex I'd ever had.

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