No strings attached.

what me and Calum had was perfect.

But then, what's perfect doesn't last.


6. 0.6


My favourite part about summer is the beach. Beaches in Australia were beautiful, and the people there make the most of them. My birthday was on July 15th. My 19th birthday, and I didn't really want anything big. But Calum had other ideas. "Don't plan a thing, Asia. I have you're whole weekend booked, okay?" He kissed me. "Okay, but Cal, nothing to big, yeah?" I asked. He smiled, and walked away, denying me an answer. 

I woke up on my birthday, and Calum was no where to be seen. I rolled out of my bed, and pulled on his green day T-shirt. As I walked out of my room, all I could smell was bacon. As I turned around, Calum was stood in nothing but a beanie, making me breakfast. "Morning beautiful, happy birthday." He kissed my forehead. "It was supposed to be breakfast in bed, but you look hot in my tee, so this works." I laughed. "Why are you cooking naked?" "Clothes are overrated, it's he truth." He smiled. I took a few steps back, and took a picture of Calum. He looked adorable. "So, Asia. The plan for your birthday weekend begins in about 4 hours, when we catch our flight." Calum smiled. "What, what flight?" I asked, confused. "Well," said Calum. "We can't walk to England can we?" I was lost for words. My whole life I'd wanted to go the UK, but it seemed like a lost dream. "Calum, you can't be serious." I said. "Asia, I am more serious than I have ever been. Although I may be naked, I am serious. We're only there for 4 days, but it'll still be fun." I ran and hugged him as tight as I could. "Oh my god, Calum I love you! Shit, I need to pack!" I shouted. "No, you have all new stuff in the limo on it's way to get us. Just throw something on, you don't need anything else." He smiled. Calum Hood was perfect in many ways. But this, was a new level of perfection. 

I pulled in a body-con lilac dress that just touched me knees, and matching converses. The limo pulled up outside my flat, with balloons and banners decorating the exterior. "Calum, this is amazing. Thank you so, so much." I said, kissing him. He pulled me down to the limo, and opened the door for me. "You're rude, ma'm." He grinned. Inside, all my favourite foods and alcohols had been placed in a cooler. "It's an hour to the airport, thought you'd be hungry." Calum laughed. I sat with my head on his shoulder, and clutched his hand. "Y'know, we have an hour." I giggled. Calum raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Hmm, I like the sound of this, birthday girl." He winked. I kissed him, and he gently removed my clothes. We rolled onto the leather seats, and he removed his pants. 

After about 40 minutes, I lay with my head in Calum's lap, as he played with my hair. "Y'know, it's so weird. How we said we wouldn't fall too deep, yet here we are. On our way to England, completely and undeniably in love with you. Crazy." Calum smiled. I kissed him, before my phone rang. "Hey, Ashton. What's up?" I said. "Happy birthday! I'm on my way with cake and tacos." He replied. "Actually, Calum's taking me on a surprise trip to the UK. I am so sorry." I said. "No," Ashton replied. "It's fine, have fun! But not too much, okay?" I laughed. "Bye, Ashton." I hung up the phone, and Calum kissed my cheek. "We're almost at the airport. You got everything you need?" He asked. "Yeah, I'm so excited!" I shouted. "Well," Calum said. "Hopefully this is just the beginning."
The journey to the UK was about 21 hours. Which was crazy long, let's be fair. We watch a dozen films, ate tacos, and Calum's are never moved from around my waste. We landed in Bristol, in the South West of the United Kingdom. Calum wanted to go to London, to do all the touristy things, but chances are we wouldn't get any privacy. Bristol was a city, yet it was tiny compared to London, surrounded by the most picturesque countryside. "Calum, it's so beautiful here." I said. "Wait until you see our hotel! It's not much, but it's low key, sorry." He sighed. "Wow, don't apologise ever again! This trip is amazing!" We pulled up to a premier inn, a small hotel, with a family restaurant underneath. Our room was small, but homely. Nothing posh, yet perfect. "Okay, get dressed. We're going to a show. If you're not too jet lagged?" Calum laughed. "I'll be fine." I laughed. Laid out on the bed was the most beautiful dress I'd ever seen. It was simple, red body con that flowed all the way down and covered my feet, and the arms and neck were covered in red lace. "Calum, it's beautiful. Thank you so much." Calum laughed. "No, thank you. You look amazing." He swung me over, and kissed me. "Now get ready, we've got to go." 

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