No strings attached.

what me and Calum had was perfect.

But then, what's perfect doesn't last.


1. 0.1


"Have you seen my socks?" Calum asked me, as he rushed to get ready. "No, try the bathroom." I replied. It was a Monday morning, and we both had to get ready for work. I pulled my brown hair into a pony tail, and slipped into my blue converses. "Found them!" Calum yelled. He was always losing things when he stayed over at my flat. Either that, or he was eating all my food. "Is it okay if I stay again tonight? It's less effort to walk here." He asked. "Of course, are the boys coming round after work today? I'll get more food in if they are." "I'll ask them, but probably best to anyway." He laughed. He kissed me on the cheek. "I'll see you after band practise. Thanks, Asia." He smiled. "Bye." I waved to my best friend. Me and Calum met at school in year 8. I had just moved from Melbourne to Sydney, because my parents got divorced. I was really, really shy. Until I met Calum. I sat next to him in Math, and we got along like a house on fire. He gave me a tour of Sydney, and made it feel like home. We'd been best friends ever since.

I rushed out of the door, to my job in Starbucks. I was almost late, so my manager gave me the annoyed look. It was complete packed, so I could tell I had a busy day ahead. Durning my lunch break, I went and met my boyfriend, Sam. "Asia, do you wanna go for a walk?" He asked. "I don't have long, so there's not much point babe." I sighed. "We really need to talk." He said. "About?" "Us. It's not working. I'm sorry." "What?" I asked. "There's someone else. I'm sorry,Asia." My heart sunk into my chest. My boy friend of almost 2 years had met someone else, and broke up with me in Starbucks. I needed Calum. "Are you free?" I sobbed down the phone. "What is it?" Calum asked. "Sam, he ended it." The phone rang dead. Fuck. I knew how over protective Calum could get.

When meh finally came home, he hugged me tighter than ever. "I'm sorry. But I may have broken his nose." Calum laughed. "Yeah, and both his arms!" Yelled Michael. Luke and Ashton followed in behind him. My dad was re-married to Ashton's mum, making us kind of related I guess. He hugged me, before taking pizza out of my fridge. We feasted, and spent the night watching horror films. After the boys left, me and Calum of on 'friends with benefits'. "Wouldn't that be perfect? Just sex." Calum laughed. "We could. Just sex, no strings attached." "I'm not sure." "It could work." "Let's try, I guess." He lay me on the sofa, kissing my neck whilst removing my top and bra. He worked his way down my body, removing my pants with his teeth. He kissed between my thighs, and asked me if this was what I wanted. As he slipped on a condom, the worst thing imaginable happened. Ashton forgot his keys.

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