Stay with me


1. Her suffering was beautiful.

Her body was crippled; bitterness. It was all she could taste.

The mindless silhouettes followed her every move; morphing them selves.

But her mind was different; a place where the darkest monsters striped; controlling her every move.

Her pale mask showing nothing; no one must ever know.

The edge was close; so close. She felt it creeping up on her; shadowing her every move.

A push.

Its all she needed to drown into her insanity.

Oh sweet insanity; take me, drag me into the darkest pits of hell.

Her suffering was beautiful.

So poetic.

She was an art peace of her own.

Here eyes; oh how sweetly they break under the grasp of the warmest sun of all.

Theirs something beautiful in pain; it hold truth.

But truth is not what you want to be told.

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