The Wolf Kin

Melissa Sparks was a girl.
A strange girl.
With a dangerous secret.

It was the first day of High School for Mel, and it was already proving hard.

Will her secret be exposed?
Will she be able to fit in?
Or will she always just be the strange, new girl?

She was from another world, after all...

All credit goes to MahoganyPumpkin for making the cover to this Movella. Thank you!


6. Chapter 6

I stormed out of the Principal's office, completely enraged. I HATE THOSE GIRLS! I wouldn't have been surprised if steam was coming out of my ears! 

I charged down the corridor full of students coming out of their first lesson of the day and turned to my locker. I ripped it open and grabbed my drink bottle.

I mean, A WHOLE TERM of Detention? I unclipped the lid from my drink bottle and took a deep swig of ice cold water, trying to calm myself down. It helped a bit.

In my anger, I hadn't realised Charlotte arrive next to me. She put a hand on my shoulder.

"How'd it go?" she asked.

"Oh, ya know, great... I just got A WHOLE TERM OF DETENTION!" 

She let out a sigh of relief and smiled. "Wow, you got off easy!"


"Most people in the hands of Deathly get at least a HALF or a FULL YEAR of Detention!"

"Seriously?" I breathed.

"Yeah, you got off lucky! I was expecting you to be in a bit more trouble actually..."

"Well, thanks! Love the faith you have in me..." I said, sarcastically.

We laughed.

"What did you get in trouble for though?" She asked, confused. "You didn't do anything..."

"Yeah, that's what I told her! Apparently I attacked the Trio Girls this morning?"

"What? We were at the bus stop though!"

"Yeah, the girls set me up! Probably because I'm the new girl..."

"Hey, it's OK..." she put her arm around me. "We'll get our revenge!"


"I bet it on my lucky socks!" She grinned. "OK, forget I said that..." She giggled.

I laughed, feeling a bit better. Then I remembered.

"Crap! My Foster Mum's gonna kill me for getting into trouble! She'll roast me alive!"

"You have a Foster Mum? What happened to your parents?" Charlotte asked.

My face sunk, as I thought of my parents. "Ahh, long story..." I muttered.

I was saved by the bell as it rang to signal the second class. I picked up my books and put them into my bag, heaving it onto my shoulder.

"Come on, let's go."






Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated this, it just seems like no one is reading it... Anyway, this is just a filler paragraph, that's why it's so short! Sorry!



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