The Wolf Kin

Melissa Sparks was a girl.
A strange girl.
With a dangerous secret.

It was the first day of High School for Mel, and it was already proving hard.

Will her secret be exposed?
Will she be able to fit in?
Or will she always just be the strange, new girl?

She was from another world, after all...

All credit goes to MahoganyPumpkin for making the cover to this Movella. Thank you!


4. Chapter 4

We stopped dead in our tracks.

My eyes locked onto the most intimidating looking woman I had ever seen, and that was saying quite a lot! Her jet black hair was tied into an impossibly tight bun atop her lean head. Her high-angled cheek bones gave her blood red lips a sinister grimace. Even her grey eyes sent thoughts of destruction and despair into my mind. She wore a tight black dress which went to just below her knees, along with matching high-heels, which all complimented her ghost-like pale skin. Her long, boney fingers grasped a thick, black clipboard.

Everything about her said EVIL.

"Ch-ch-Charlotte?" I managed to stutter out. "Who is that?"

She inhaled deeply.

"That's Ms Dettley," she whispered, "But we all call her Ms Deathly. She's the principal of this entire school. Watch out for her, I mean it. One step outta line and WAMM!" She said, making a hand gesture that looked very much like an explosion.
"You'd never live to tell the tale, believe me!"

I gulped.

Then she spotted us. We froze as her voice boomed out in the empty school yard.


"S-s-sorry Ma'am." We both stammered to her.


We shuffled towards her cautiously, as if she was a beast and would bite our heads off at any moment... which, now I think of it, was probably true!

We were now right in front of her. Fire seemed to blast out of her eyes as she gave us what would had to have been the scariest death stare of all time.

"CHARLOTTE LOCKWOOD!" Charlotte jumped out of her skin as she heard the devil standing in front of us yell her name. "GET TO CLASS!"

Charlotte turned to look at me. I gave her a see-you-inside-if-I-survive look. She seemed to understand. She then turned on her heel and ran towards the door.

"NO RUNNING!" yelled Ms Deathly to Charlotte. She immediately stopped and walked. Scratch that; speed walked.

The monster turned back to me. "AS FOR YOU-" She trailed off, looking down at her clipboard. She ran her finger down the paper until she found what she was looking for, "MELISSA SPARKS! COME WITH ME TO MY OFFICE!"

The Principal's Office?! What in the name of Wolfsbane did I do to have to go to the Principal's Office?!

I stood frozen to the spot. My mind started to trail off.


'And the award for the most evil principal in all of the galaxy, not to mention the universe, goes to...

Ms Dettley! Or as we like to call her, Ms Deathly!'


Deathly started to walk towards the school, her high-heels clopping on the pavement. I knew I was meant to go with her to her office, but my brain was fried.


Then she turned around, snapping me out of my trance with her stare of fury and her voice like thunder;





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