The Wolf Kin

Melissa Sparks was a girl.
A strange girl.
With a dangerous secret.

It was the first day of High School for Mel, and it was already proving hard.

Will her secret be exposed?
Will she be able to fit in?
Or will she always just be the strange, new girl?

She was from another world, after all...

All credit goes to MahoganyPumpkin for making the cover to this Movella. Thank you!


2. Chapter 2

I trekked through all the 'normal' high school kids with my bag slung over one shoulder, heading for the front school gate. Everyone was talking to someone else, they'd had half this year to join a clique, make friends. And here I was...

No friends.

No clique.

No idea where to go or what to do.


I was 'new'. Nobody likes the new girl.


I spotted a group of snobby, stuck-up looking girls leaning against a brick wall just next to the metal front gates. There were three of them, all quite beautiful. On the left was a pudgy, red headed girl wearing a bucket load of makeup and chewing gum, texting on her smart phone. On the right, was a quite tall, slender girl with short-cut brown hair, reading a girly magazine. But not even both of these girls could make up the beauty of the third girl standing in the middle.

Perfect pink cheeks, beautiful smile, slim and the tallest of the three, a waterfall of cascading pure blonde curls tumbling down her back. Beauty seemed to radiate from this girl like the dew on a perfect rose, the sunlight shining through a shower of water droplets, the green of the grass on the other side. She wore a glittered, blue v-neck that perfectly matched her plaid skirt and drew out her icy, crystal blue eyes. Blondie leaned on the wall, hand outstretched, painting her smooth nails.

Her eyes danced from her nails up to me still walking towards the gate. It felt like her eyes were penetrating my thoughts, freezing my mind. She smiled maliciously, and put down her nail polish. Beckoning for Ginger and Brownie to follow, she walked up to me.

"Who are you?" She spat, looking me up and down. "You're not a new kid, are you?" She smiled, knowing she was already bugging me.

"What's it to you?" I managed to say.

"What's it to us? Well, we've never seen you here before. That must mean you're new. We like to welcome our new comers, don't we, Mackenzie?" She stared at the red headed girl to her left, who was staring down at her feet. She jumped.

"Yes, Chelsea!" She squeaked, frightened by her leader.

"And how do we do that, Jackie?" She glared at the brown-haired girl.

"The only way we know how, Chelz," she replied.

Chelsea grinned like an evil psychopath.

"BY. MAKING. YOUR. LIFE. HELL!" She screamed in my face. Jackie and Mackenzie each made the same gesture as each other; running their index finger across their necks in an antagonising slice. All three girls laughed crazily in my face before Chelsea turned to face the random high schoolers talking casually in their groups.

"Hey, everyone!" She yelled out to the crowd. Heads turned in her direction to hear the news. "We have a new girl at Stonewall High!" She pointed to me, standing frozen to the spot, watching a disaster unfold.

All eyes turned to me. I had extremely good hearing and heard every word of the chattering high school kids.

"A new girl?"

"She's ugly!"

"She's fat!"

"What is she wearing?"

"OMG, her hair is so awful!"

"She probably has fleas!"

The comments keep going, piling and piling into my mind, crashing in a tsunami of insults.

I wanted to scream.

I wanted to attack every single kid there.

And I especially wanted to rip those three girls into a million, gazillion, tiny pieces!

But all I managed to do was stand there.

Listening to the taunts and jeers of everyone around me. They pointed. They laughed. And they started closing in around me. They shoved me, pulled at my bag, my clothes, my hair.

I was a rag doll being torn apart by a toddler in a rage. I was a bone being chewed by a vicious dog. I was being stabbed in the heart and mind with all everyone had.

I thought of my Mother and Father. I'd never see them again. They had left me. They weren't coming back.

And that thought is what unfroze me from my spot. My rage at the parents I hardly remembered.

I lashed out. My nails growing into claws, I slashed at the crowd of attacking kids. I pushed out of the group closed around me and ran.


Ran from the laughter.

The insults.

The attacking kids.


I bolted down the road and around to an abandoned bus stop, flinging myself down on the rusting chair.

And I cried.

Bawled my eyes out.

Punched the chair in anger and pain.


I'd never have any friends.

I'd never have any parents.

I'd never have a life.

Stuck in a stupid world with a stupid secret.


If I went back, it wouldn't be long until everyone found out. Had they seen my claws?


Some people are sporty.

Some people are super smart.


I was a Wolf Kin.


Heightened senses, love of meat, wolf characteristics, amazing abilities...

Oh and yeah, on the full moon, I changed into a wolf. A full on, real wolf.


Having special abilities was really cool.

I could smell things a mile away.

Hear things a mile away.

Run as fast as light.

I could also turn myself into a wolf on command, full moon or not.

I could control it.


I was a human. But I was also a wolf. 


But I wasn't bitten like those stupid 'Werewolf' myths. I didn't drink some crazy science experiment like a freakazoid.

No, I was born this way.


Daughter of the Alpha female and Alpha male of a Wild Wolf Pack. I never had to go to school, or live in a house, or buy and cook my food. I walked on all fours, camping out in woods under the stars, and ate raw, fresh meat that we hunted ourselves. It was everything I could have wished for. I didn't have to worry about the stupid cares of the human world.

My mum and dad were Wolf Kin like me too.




I couldn't blame them for any of this.

It wasn't their fault.

It was mine.


8 years ago, I had wandered away from the pack to explore some of the wood we had set our territory in. We were just about to leave with the rest of our wolf pack to find a new place to stay. I had gotten carried away with my adventure through the trees, and not seen the small gulch in front of my path.

I fell.

I rolled.

And I blacked out.

I woke up on the side of the road where my Foster Mother had found me.


My Mum, Dad and the pack must have moved on. They didn't come back for me. They were probably still out there right now. Did they miss me? Did they even look for me when I went missing?

8 years and there was still no sign of them.


My sensitive ears pricked up. I sensed movement next to me. And that's when I noticed...


The bus stop that I first thought was empty...




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