Don't Feed the Beast

[Creds to DYstopia for being the Cover Artest Around!]


1. Preview!!!!

I can feel the wolf brush by my skirt... The bitterness of the air surrounds me, all I can hear is my breath. And then, death is all I can hear...


"Clara!" I hear my teacher call out. I feel a tug on my arm.

"You scared him." I say with a bitterness in my voice, my head tells me to slap her but I'll get detention, or at least that's what happened to Jamie Barker.

"I saved you. Your holding my hand the rest of this hike!" My teacher says as she rolls her eyes,

"No I'm not!" I yell at the top of my lungs, using all my breath.

"Don't feed the beast Clara." My teacher shouts.



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