Runaway to Neverland <3

Jess`s life is terrible, her and her twin brother, Jason, are orphans and have been since they could remember. always running, every foster home more secure than the last. until Neverland, where she meets Peter, the lost boy, her adventures always get more exiting! what will happen next? I Wonder.


3. The New Comers

                                 Peter Pans POV

  Was that a......boat? sailing TOWARDS Neverland? well this would be interesting! i smirk my same old evil smirk.

  "Peter a ships been spotted sailing towards Neverland!" Felix one of my lost boys tells me.

" i know Felix i can tell from here, see?" i ask showing him my view of the boat.

"oh sorry."




~when the boat arrives~ (1 month and 3 weeks after Jess and Jason left.)

                                Jess`s POV

"are you Shure people do this all day? my legs already hurt!" I complain from the birds eye perch.

"yes, now stop complaining and look out there see what you can find." he tells me.

"oh wait I see something its a big weasel...........oh wait that's you." I joke.

"very funn-"

"WAIT WATS THAT.................LAND WERE SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"come on stop joking.................Jess you are joking................right?"

"nope come see!" so Jason walks over to the birds eye and climbs up to the landing thing.

"wow your really not joking! THERES LAND OVER THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"well go steer the ship or we wont get there."

"oh right okay well ill do that.."

then we arrive on land it had been 2 days without food and 1 day without water.


we get off the boat I immediately fall over. 

"you know if anyone lives on this island you probably look really stupid right now." Jason tells me.

"well I have been standing still all day." I argue

"no excuses." he tells me walking towards the woods.

"I wasn`t making excuses." I mumble.


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