Runaway to Neverland <3

Jess`s life is terrible, her and her twin brother, Jason, are orphans and have been since they could remember. always running, every foster home more secure than the last. until Neverland, where she meets Peter, the lost boy, her adventures always get more exiting! what will happen next? I Wonder.


4. The Greeting

                                            Peters POV

"should we go welcome our new visitors?" I ask

"we should." he agrees. then someone comes out of the boat, then another person and the last to come out falls on their face.

"hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha." Felix falls over laughing because of the one who fell over.

"while you laugh your head off im going to say hi." I say.



       ~at the boat~


"hi." I say.

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh................" a girl exclaims, a GIRL, on Neverland?

"Who are you?" She asks holding her hands up protectively in front of her.

"he's here to help, DUH!" the boy says to the girl.

"Shut up, Jason!!!!" The girl exclaims.

"Shut up Jess!!!" Jason says in a high pitched girl voice. Jess, the girl turns around and sticks her tongue out at Jason. She turns around and an odd object drops out of her pocket, but she doesn't seem to notice.

"Uh, you dropped something...." I say, and go to pick it up for her when Jason says.

"OOOHHHHHH, I didnt know the boys  here where so fancy!!!"

"Yeah, you should try it sometime." Jess says. I like this girl!!!

"Here you go, would you like to meet my Lost Boys?"

"Lost Boys?!?!" Jess asks.

"They don't bite, most of the time...." I say, Jess looks uneasy.

"I was just kidding, they dont bite." I say and smile.

"Yeah Jess!" Jason says.

"Shut up!" Jess exclaims, then Felix runs out of the edge of the woods, he looks like he has recovered. I think to myself as he yells my name.

"Yeah Felix?" I ask, he walks over to me and whispers something I have been fearing for a while now...

"We have to go..." I say and run off into the woods, not knowing if Jess and Jason are following me or not.

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