Runaway to Neverland <3

Jess`s life is terrible, her and her twin brother, Jason, are orphans and have been since they could remember. always running, every foster home more secure than the last. until Neverland, where she meets Peter, the lost boy, her adventures always get more exiting! what will happen next? I Wonder.


2. The Escape

                                Jess`s POV


 "shh you`ll give us away!" 

"i`m not saying evenything!"

"well breath quieter!"


"here we go!" Jason says as Treasa (the instructor) walks away.

"Time?" i ask

"yep," he confirms

"okay," i say to him."lets do this." i get up.

"Treasa i feel sick..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I complain.

while i preoccupy  Treasa Jason simply walks out the door with our stuff quiet as a mouse.

"no no no no no no no don't do'll be fine dear............." Treasa tells me.

"lets go out side honey and get you cleaned up....." she says because i pored milk down mu shirt so it looks like i threw up, in the dark it dose. when we get out side she takes me to the fountain.

"im soooooooooooooo sorry Treasa."

"wha-"  she starts before i push her in the water and run as fast as i can to where i was supposed to meet Jason.

"bout time,"he says "by the way real nice and smooth."

"lets just go before she finds us," i say

"right" he agrees.

                                                                                     ~at the docks~

"where is it?" i ask

"there!" Jason points at a small caravel.

"that's it?"

"im not a money tree!"

"we don`t even know how to steer a ship!" i complain

"too bad princess" he tells me.

"okay fine!" i finally agree.

" food?" i ask

"all in there" he says proudly

"stole?" i ask

"the whole lot, it was for a journey im guessing." he says looking down, less confident than before.

"lets go before they come back." i suggest

"yeah." he agrees.

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