Runaway to Neverland <3

Jess`s life is terrible, her and her twin brother, Jason, are orphans and have been since they could remember. always running, every foster home more secure than the last. until Neverland, where she meets Peter, the lost boy, her adventures always get more exiting! what will happen next? I Wonder.


8. The Blackout

                         Peter's POV

"He told us the Dream Shade was here- ah there," The older one says

"Brother, I'm not so sure about this." the younger one says.

"I don't know what nonsense the girl and boy filled you with but our king wouldn't lie to us, Killian. See?"

"Brother don- uh," Killian says as his brother takes the Dream Shade and cuts himself with a piece of it.

"See, no harm done. uh." he exclaims and falls over as the Dream Shade takes action and he falls to the floor and blacks-out, my time to shine.

"I told you but you didn't lesion." I say

"I'm so sorry but can you help him? Please!" Killian asks.

"This spring," I say and move the dead Dream Shade aside "but magic always comes with a price-"

"Yes, yes whatever you want,"

       ~ after Peter and Killian/Hook talk and Killian/Hook and his brother leave, then Peter goes back to camp~

"Hey, whoa whats with the rushing?" I ask Felix

"That girl had a total blackout." he tells me, calm as ever. "Shes so weak." I had to leave so I wouldn't yell at Felix- was I in love? No im not in love with her! I'm Peter, Peter Pan.- Okay now where was she?

"Hey, wheres Jess?" I ask.

"In her tent with her brother."

"okay thanks!"



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