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5 seconds of Summer! Luke is a party boy in this story and he can't refuse a good date!Read to find out what happens...


2. All partied out

Songs for this chapter -

Pour it up - Rihanna

Bangerz - Miley Cyrus

•. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •.

8 o'clock in the morning and I'm throwing up.Yep,throwing up.This is why I hate alcohol; I drink too much of it.

"Are you gonna keep your head in the toilet all morning?"My mother asked from my bathroom doorway.I was startled,but I couldn't keep my head up long enough to gasp without throwing up.I fell to my knees,still puking up yesterday's dinner,Hamburgers,cheese puffs,and beer.Doesn't taste as good coming up.

"When you're done,I'll bring you up some water."My mom said monotonously,obviously not caring what a terrible condition I was in.

After about 5 more minutes of hurling,I finally stopped,brushed my teeth and laid back down on my bed to check my phone.

One text.

From: Michael Clifford

Want 2 go on a double date with me?Our dates would be Montee and Claire,you know, the hot twins.

I quickly put away my phone.I don't want to go.Sure the twins are hot,but they are really annoying.Claire laughs at everything you say,whether you are joking or not,and Montee's just boring.

My mom comes into my room with a glass of water.She sits on the top of my pillow (the part I'm not using) and hands me my water.She begins to stroke my head.

"Are you okay now?"

"Yeah.I think so.I still have a head ache though."I groan and take a small sip of my water.It hurt to swallow,my throat being so dry.She smiles,strokes my hair one more time and walks out.

"Being sick is boring,"I think to myself."Maybe going on a date would be good for me."

I pull out my phone again and reply to Michael.

To : Michael Clifford

Sure bro.Where are we meeting them?

From : Michael Clifford

Never mind that,I'm picking you all up and we are going to a special spot.Montee and Claire helped me choose it.Your date will be Montee.Get ready,we are coming by at 9 pm.

I slowly get up,phone in hand,and go to the bathroom.Every step I take makes my head feel heavy.I place my phone on the sink counter and turn on the shower.I look a mess and I feel worse than I look.

I hop in the shower and wash myself.After about 20 minutes,I get out and wrap a towel around my waist.

I get dressed in casual wear,a white t shirt that says 'I talk to myself when I need genius advice.' and blue jeans.

My phone rattles on the bathroom counter.

"We'll be there in about 5 minutes."He hangs up before I could answer and I rush outside.They pull up as soon as I walk outside.As soon as I see Claire in the back seat waving at me,I immediately regret coming.Montee is next to her,her face in her phone.I climb in silently into the passenger seat and we leave.

"Hey Lukey!"Claire coos,her thin fingers tracing circles on my shoulder."Are you excited to see our surprise? I think you'll like it."

"Yeah, definitely."I lie through my teeth.She continues tracing circles,but moves her hand a little lower,to my collar bone.I wish she would stop.I REALLY wish she would stop.It's bad enough I have a headache,but her annoying squeaky voice is freaking me out.Im about to stop drop and roll out this car.

"Would you stop talking? I'm trying to read."Montee says to Claire,shoving her back in her seat.Thank god.I think I'm starting to like Montee.

We arrive at a hotel and Michael pulls over.We all get out and go inside.A chandelier hung from the ceiling.Shiny tile flooring filled the room.Classy women and men stood around and talked,certain women eying me up and down.

"Reservations for room 214,for Michael."Michael says to the lady at the counter.She rolls her eyes and starts typing on her computer like she had something better to do.

"Last name?"She asked.

"Clifford.C-l-i-f-f-o-r-d."He spells.She hands him the key to the room and we walk to the elevator.

"What are we doing here?"I asked him.He shrugs and presses the 5 button on the elevator.

"Think about it.Two girls,two guys,one hotel room."

When I realized what he meant I mentally screamed.This had to be the worst day of my life.My sickness had cleared but a new one was starting.He set me up.He knew I didn't like these girls,but he still invited me to have sex in a hotel with them.

I will not stay with them tonight.

When we get the the room,Michael swipes the key card on the little scanner and it beeps green.The door swings open,inviting us all in.Claire takes the lead.She jumps on one of the white beds and pats for me to sit next to her.

"No babe,you're mine."Michael winks.She frowns but quickly perks up when he jumps on the bed next to her.

Montee and I stand awkwardly at the doorway.She slowly looks up at me with eyes that say 'I really don't want to do this'.I nod and. Tell Michael that Me and Montee are going down to the pool,he was too busy making out with Claire to hear me though.What a man whore.

"Are we really going to the pool?"Montee asks me when we leave the room.

"No.Im going to walk you home"

"You do realize we are downtown ,right?"

"Okay.Im going to hail you a taxi so I can walk you home."I joke making her laugh.She smiles brightly at me,her eyes scanning mine.

I whistle at a taxi.It pulls over and we get in.

"I know you don't like my sister."She says,staring at the back of the cab drivers head.I turn to look at her."But,I don't blame you,she extremely annoying."She smiles again.

I laugh.We continue to make small talk until the cab driver stops on Brown street,two blocks away from her house.He looks back at us."That will be 34 dollars."

Me and Montee look at each other and smile,then we jump out of the taxi and run.

"Get back here and pay!"The cab driver yells.We laugh and keep running and he chases us.When we turn the corner we hide in an alley and wait for him to go away.When he does we get out of the alley and laugh.

Rain is falling all over us but we don't care.Its kind of like we are the only two in the world.I take of the leather jacket I was wearing and hold it above our heads as we walk.

When we get to her porch I say "We'll have to do this again." Making her smile and nod her head.We were so out of breath from all that running.But it was worth it.I smile and wave one last time before I leave her house and begin my walk home.

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